The Controversy Surrounding Be On Cloud Actor “Build Jakapan” and KinnPorsche Author “Poi Patchayamon”

Every once in a while an awful story will surface about a BL actor’s personal life. Ohm Pawat, Krist Perawat, Nam Yoon-Sung and Toy Thanapat are just a few names that come to mind when you think of BL actors who have had controversies surrounding them. The latest name to join that list is none other than KinnPorsche star Build Jakapan. Build Jakapan rose to fame quickly after his mind-blowing performance as Pete in KinnPorsche The Series. Alongside his co-star Bible Wichapas, they dominated the BL scene. They were on the cover of every magazine, on the red carpet at every event, in commercials, talk shows and just last week they announced their first role as the lead couple in an upcoming Be On Cloud’s original series 4 Minutes. He seems to be at the peak of his career, which is why it came as a shock when we woke up to news of Build Jakapan being accused of abuse.

Patchayamon Theewasujaroen also known as Poi is a writer most well known for her work on KinnPorsche and My Engineer. For those who don’t know, Theewasujaroen is one half of the writer’s duo known as Daemi, original creators of the novel ‘KinnPorsche’. She has come forward and accused Build of several indecent acts, the most serious being physical abuse which she claims to have suffered during the 2 years that they were together. She went on to claim that she has made many sacrifices including having an abortion in order to further Build’s career as a BL actor. The list of accusations is long and not all the accusations were aimed at Build personally, some were directed to his agency Be On Cloud. Poi has claimed that the upcoming series which Build is to star in was written by her and that Be On Cloud decided to give the credit to popular writer Sammon. Sammon has released several novels that have been adapted into series inclusive of “Manner of Death” and “Triage”, this was her first original piece with BOC. Sammon addressed the allegations on her social media stating that her work is original while BOC released a couple of statements distancing themselves from the matter. BOC stated they were aware of Build and Poi’s relationship and that conflicts between the two had become apparent when their relationship ended. They refused to comment further on the matter choosing instead to settle the issues in court. However, following the accusations BOC made the decision to suspend Build from all activities associated with the company indefinitely.

The fans are divided over this matter taking to social media to voice their opinions. Build’s fandom were very quick to call Poi a liar, stating she fabricated the pictures of her sonogram and the text messages she claims are from Build. While those supporting Poi produced evidence from Build’s past relationships citing this is not the first time he has been accused of abuse. Ultimately the truth is for the courts to decide.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Poi has had disagreements with Be On Cloud. Just last year Poi and her co-author for KinnPorsche, Yok Sitthichai, were accused of inappropriate conduct towards the actors of KinnPorsche that bordered on sexual harassment. At that time Be On Cloud did not take any legal action against the two but it was widely speculated that the decision to not produce a second season of the series was because of this incident, despite the series being one of the most successful Boys’ Love projects ever produced. One thing is for sure, whether true or false, allegations of abuse and plagiarism must not be taken lightly. The decision to have this matter settled in court is the right thing for everyone involved. The matter must be investigated thoroughly and any guilty party must be punished to the full extent of the law. As it stands now, Build, Poi, Sammon and Be On Cloud are all in a precarious situation. We will keep you updated on the issue as it develops.

Official Statement released by Be On Cloud relative to this scandal-

6 thoughts on “The Controversy Surrounding Be On Cloud Actor “Build Jakapan” and KinnPorsche Author “Poi Patchayamon””

  1. Maybe a little off topic but neither have I seen anything near a mind-blowing performance with any actor of this series nor can this be called true Boys love… Where’s the love in a work like this? There wasn’t any. Just some horny, abusive guys and others that let them without any explanation why they didn’t object to the treatments they were given. A lousy and cringy acted date isn’t love. This show was just 🤢

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    1. Though build did some bad things poi and the other kp writer also did some bad things so if build deserves to go to jail for what or what not he did it is not fair that the KP writers have nothing bad happen to them


  2. Even if build did some bad things and might go to jail does not mean that poi didn’t do bad things to other people in the cast of KP and should just get away with it. So if build goes to jail then poi and the writer of KP novel should deserve to go to jail to. And if they can get a way with that then why can’t build.


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