The BL Xpress Awards-2022 (Popular Vote)- Top Ten BL Dramas

Emotional, high-quality productions are in demand, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the results of BL Xpress’s 2022 “Top BL Dramas”.

The fans have spoken.

All ten of the top BLs have earned their spot on the list. Their devoted fan bases, well-written scripts, and attention to detail paid off, delivering impactful and memorable productions.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote. Check out the results below.

10. Love Mechanics

Starring actors War Wanarat and Yin Anan, the Thai BL Love Mechanics is an enemies-to-lovers story about two men, Mark and Vee, who go head-to-head over an unrequited romance only to end up falling in love with each other. If that sounds confusing, it’s because Love Mechanics does not hold back on the angst and emotion, delving into a complicated story full of cheating, confused feelings, and love. And it does so successfully, delivering a unique emotional depth that leaves viewers awed. Check it out now on WeTV/Tencent Video.

9. 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us

Starring actors Nike Nitidon, Pond Ponlawit, and Mam Kathaleeya, the Thai drama 180 Degree Longitude Passes Though Us is a nuanced, symbolic series that offers a heart-rending theatrical look at grief, generational trauma, and first love. Political, philosophical, and literary, this narrative-driven series follows a young man named Wang on a journey to discover more about his father. In the process, he falls in love with his father’s best friend while facing off with his traditional mother. Relying heavily on the characters, their dialogue, and their emotions, 180 Degree the series tells an unforgettable symbolic story that makes viewers think hard about the past, themselves, and the governments we live under. Watch it now on Gagaoolala.

8. To Sir, With Love

Starring an incredible ensemble cast, the Thai Lakorn To Sir, With Love’s BL storyline is led by actors Jam Rachata and Film Thanapat. Following a family and their internal power struggle, eldest son, Tian, hides a secret. He likes men, which is forbidden inside the Five Dragon Guild led by his father. This is further complicated when he falls in love with Jiu, a poor man taking questionable jobs to raise his younger siblings. Thus ensues a chaotic power struggle surrounding a forbidden romance that captures the heart. Vividly told, To Sir, With Love offers viewers an emotional story about overcoming adversity to love without restriction. Watch it now on the One31 YouTube Channel.

7. Between Us

Starring actors Boun Noppanut and Prem Warut, the Thai BL Between Us introduces Win and Team; characters first brought to the screen in the Thai BL Until We Meet Again. And, as they did in the past, Win and Team have captured viewers’ hearts. Between Us is a beautiful tale of love centered as much on need and security as romance. Swimmers Win and Team started as a one-night stand, only to transition into something much more profound. Full of past trauma and insecurities, Between Us is a heartwarming story about finding safety and belonging in someone else’s arms. Check it out now on iQiyi.

6. Eternal Yesterday

Starring actors Komiya Rio and Inoue Sora, the Japanese BL Eternal Yesterday gives a new meaning to “undying love.” A story about two boys with polar opposite personalities who become unlikely friends, Eternal Yesterday starts like the typical ‘opposites attract’ storyline. But it quickly veers into the unexpected when one of them dies, only to come back to life with no heartbeat. Heartbreakingly vivid and poetically deep, Eternal Yesterday explores death, grief, and letting go. Watch it now on Gagaoolala and Viki.

5. Old Fashion Cupcake

Starring actors Takeda Kouhei and Kimura Tatsunari, the Japanese BL Old Fashion Cupcake is as deep as it is romantic, delving into ageism and the struggle against gender norms. A workplace romance, Old Fashion Cupcake tells the story of two co-workers with an age gap falling for each other while pretending to be women, not in dress but in their daily activities. It highlights gender role expectations and the struggle with age while also offering romance. Check it out now on Gagaoolala and Viki.

4. To My Star 2


Starring actors Son Woo Hyun and Kim Kang Min, To My Star 2 tells the story of an actor and a chef trying to make love work despite their opposite personalities and very different generational traumas. Falling in love is easier than keeping love alive, and To My Star 2 does a beautiful job showing that sometimes love needs nurturing, time, compromise, and attention to survive. Watch it now on Gagaoolala and Viki.

3. KinnPorsche

Starring actors Mile Phakphum, Apo Nattawin, Bible Wichipas, Build Jakapan, Jeff Satur, and Barcode Tinnasit, KinnPorsche dives into the criminal underworld, exploring romance inside a mob world where trust, love, and safety don’t come easy. With exceptional acting from all involved, each cast member stepped effortlessly into their roles and delivered emotionally captivating performances. While intimacy is not necessary to tell a story, what makes KinnPorsche stand out is that intimacy is used to speak. There is as much story in the sex as in the dialogue. KinnPorsche stepped up to the plate, offering an adult drama that manages to make its intimacy as necessary as the dialogue. This deepened complicated relationships and proved that where we are often most emotionally vulnerable is between the sheets. Check out its uncut version on iQiyi.

2. Semantic Error


Starring actors Park Seo Ham and Park Jae Chan, the Korean BL Semantic Error is an enemies-to-lovers youth drama. Following a neurodivergent lead, Sang Woo, it tells the story of a college student with OCD tendencies who falls in love with his rival, the free-spirited Jae Young. Semantic Error is as much about breaking down walls and finding safety in another person as it is a youth drama. The highly organized Sang Woo not only allows Jae Young into his disciplined life but also begins to rearrange it around Jae Young’s existence. That’s a beautifully intimate thing to watch on screen. Watch it now on Viki.

1. My Only 12%

Starring actors Earth Katsamonnat and Santa Pongsapak, I am not surprised to see The Thai BL My Only 12% topping the 2022 drama results. It’s a series that sneaks its way into the heart and makes a home there. A classic friends-to-lovers story, it delves into the lives of neighboring best friends, Cake and Seeiw. What makes it stand out is the conflicted human emotions it focuses on, particularly the utter dependency being with someone for a lifetime can cause. It takes two young men who have become emotionally dependent on each other and throws reality at them, from realizing one’s sexuality to separation. Many heart-rending realities are tackled in My Only 12%, making it jarringly relatable. Check it out now on iQiyi.

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3 thoughts on “The BL Xpress Awards-2022 (Popular Vote)- Top Ten BL Dramas”

  1. nice list and variety of shows- there were so many to choose from- I have KP, 12% and 180 degrees to look forward to watching:)


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