“Physical Therapy” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

This is a comforting drama that initially focuses on heartbreak and reconvenes on how one can recover from the ensuing pain with a little time as well as lots of love.

The theme for this show is slightly different from other BL dramas that are mostly based on the High School/University romances. I found this trope quite refreshing. The main leads, Son Ravisut (Milk) and Petch Jakkaphet (Pun), have a rather subtle chemistry on screen, but it isn’t outputting. While Milk’s sweet innocence is enlivening, Petch’s flirtatious nature is equally enchanting. The pilot episode begins with Milk leaving his apartment with a suitcase. It is revealed that he had a breakup with his ex-boyfriend who has ruthlessly kicked Milk out of their home. While his friends try to cheer him, Milk seems lifeless. Next, we see Pun meeting Milk, with Pun’s friend. Milk is exhausted and sleeps off while waiting for their arrival. It is blatantly obvious that Pun is enamored with Milk from the moment they meet. The meeting goes as planned; Milk and Pun end up spending time together. Milk gets extremely intoxicated due to his breakup. Pun, being the amazing person that he is, takes Milk back to his hotel room to take care of him. Milk wakes up in an unfamiliar place and panics as he finds himself undressed, wearing only a bathrobe.

The next time we see either Milk or Pun; four months have passed since their initial meeting. Pun is now working as a Doctor at a medical facility. Surprisingly, Pun arrives at the same facility for his check-up. Milk’s case is assigned to Dr. Yang (Folk Warattapob), whom Milk finds oddly familiar. As such, Milk asks Tim to fill out some survey forms that his workplace is currently conducting. Next morning, Milk receives the shocking news about his close friend’s death. It is then that he remembers that the said friend Ja had been dating secretively. He realises that Dr. Yang looks somewhat similar to Ja’s boyfriend. Milk decides he needs to go back and check on the Doctor. To visit the facility again, Milk does something extremely fanatical and ends up getting hurt in real. He calls the medical facility and they send Dr. Pun for on-site assistance.

Pun is shocked to find Milk injured and rushes him back to the facility. He personally takes care of Milk, while he recuperates. Yang visits Milk to check on him and Milk purposely drops hints about Ja’s funeral rites. It seems that Milk was right, because later we find Yang crying bitter tears. While, the first two episodes seem promising when it comes to the chemistry between the main leads; we are left with many unanswered questions. Dr. Pun often gets phone calls from a girl. Does he already have a girlfriend? Why did it take four months for Milk and Pun to meet up again? Milk wants to find out the reason of why his ex-boyfriend broke up with him. Will he ever find the answer to the same?

I am hoping this drama continues on this easy-going path, because it is less stressful and oddly poignant. But alas, I fear, it is not going to happen and we are in for a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I am really anticipating the next few episodes to see how Milk and Pun’s love story will shape further!

Rating- 3 out of 5


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