Favorite Fictional Ghost Ships- Part III

Ghost Ships surely are a fun way to let your imagination run wild. Whilst most Ghost Ships are unhindered fantasies spun by the fans, the casting director could certainly take a cue from these varied choices for their upcoming BL dramas.

There is something magical about these combinations; as they are born from fervent fan’s perspectives. So, obviously a lot of thought has been allocated to these choices and most favorably, these Ghost Ships have the makings of a “Star Couple”. Without further ado, let’s check out the favorites for this weekend!

Krishna Naidu’s Favorites

Pavel Phoom and Earth Teerapat

Ardent fans of Earth and Pavel’s individual fandoms have been sailing this ship since ages. These two would make an intriguing picture, because of their contrasting personalities. While Pavel is extroverted and mischievous; Earth is extremely shy and introverted. But, that doesn’t change their fun dynamics; since Pavel has a soft spot for Earth. It’s quite apparent from their pictures, which speaks volumes about their cozy camaraderie. Pavel loves to take care of Earth and they would certainly make a handsome couple. I’m pretty sure that there was a separate faction in the 2moons2 fandom, who wanted Wayo (Earth) to end up with Forth (Pavel). Pavel has always been attentive to Earth’s needs and this heartfelt connection would definitely translate to some excellent chemistry onscreen!

Chen Xing Xu and Evan Lin

These two are currently playing love rivals in the on-air Chinese drama “Fall in Love”. While fans of straight romances would vouch for Chen Xing Xu’s chemistry with female lead Zhang Jing Yi, there is a separate faction who are watching the show for the burgeoning interactions between Chen Xing Xu and Evan Lin’s characters. It’s my first time watching these two and I’m certainly in love with their intense dynamics. While Chen Xing Xu plays the frivolous Marshal Tan Xuan Lin, Evan Lin portrays the role of mature supervisor Xu Guang Yao. Their conversations are always marked with barbed remarks and witty banter. The connection is rock solid and vibrant; so much so that at times the female lead seems like a third wheel. It would be interesting to watch these two paired opposite each other in an “Enemies to Lovers” setting.

Gong Jun and Xu Kai

Recently, there were rumors that Gong Jun and Xu Kai would be starring in a BL adaptation. We still don’t have any updates or confirmation regarding that drama, but these two would make an interesting couple. Gong Jun is well known for choosing diverse roles, some of which are quite risky. He has already starred in two different BL adaptations and is quite comfortable in his act. I’m a huge fan of Xu Kai since watching his recent dramas “Falling Into Your Smile” and “Ancient Love Poetry”. He mostly plays mature and serious roles. Both these actors have a diverse repertoire which is totally opposite. If paired together in a wuxia or xianxia period drama, Gong Jun and Xu Kai will make a classic couple!

Sam Lin and Anson Chen

Two utterly gorgeous and talented actors. The camera loves them and watching these two together would be a dream come true. While Sam Lin breathed life into Gao Shi De and made him entirely irresistible (We Best Love); Anson Chen’s strong portrayal of Tang MuRan (HIStory4: Close To You) has won hearts all over the Taiwanese fandom. If paired together, these two will make a killer combination. Sam’s dominant act would definitely gel well with Anson’s docile demeanor; imagine these two actors in a mafia romance like KinnPorsche or HIStory3: Trapped. The possibilities are endless and just thinking about their kissing scenes is giving me a high. I’m pretty sure that Sam and Anson would set the silver screens on fire; this coupling would be explosive and visceral!

Aaron Lai and Yang Yu Teng

This is another killer combination, that I want to see. The one good thing about Taiwanese dramas is that the BL actors are alloted the freedom to pair with different co-stars. Both Aaron and Yu are equally impressive and adept at blending into different roles. They become immersed into their characters and it would be riveting to watch these two play love interests onscreen. Also, Aaron and Yu always establish cordial relationships with their co-stars, so a certain level of comfort or camaraderie is certainly expected. Their visuals are stunning and any project involving these two will certainly leave you spellbound and astonished!

Lee Hong Nae and Choe Chan Yi

It takes a lot of guts to play a gay character in not just one but two projects. But Lee Hong Nae does it effortlessly! After stunning the Korean audiences with his antagonistic act in popular fantasy drama “The Uncanny Counter”, Lee Hong Nae returned to play the main lead role, Sky in the LGBTQ film “Made on the Rooftop”. Currently, he is yet again playing a gay character in the recently on-air drama “Inspector Koo”. His interesting dynamics with co-worker Dae Ho (Park Kang Sub) is winning hearts and they make an adorable couple. Choe Chan Yi on the other hand, became popular for his poignant portrayal of Shin Da On in popular Korean BL “Light On Me”. If these two get paired in a BL drama, the romance would be riveting or heart-wrenching!

SlimFastZombie’s Favorites

Ghost ships materialize, when you absent-mindedly swoon thinking about the romantic moments between two unrelated actors or characters. You, my dear are guilty of taking your fan love to the next level, to captain the said ghost ship. Those fantasies sail you through the slow moments of the show you’re watching. They motivate you to save photos to your phone that you display on social media. They start conversations with people who laugh or agree with your picks. Or if you’re me, you create fictional stories based on those ghost ships. Making them your own characters and you watch their stories grow from that simple fantasy we call ghost ships.

Here are mine-

Team and Pharm, Until We Meet Again

In November, 2019 the critically acclaimed series “Until We Meet Again” premiered on YouTube, which focused on the unhindered romance between Pharm (Fluke Natouch) and Dean(Ohm Thitiwat). But as the story progressed, I felt that there was more chemistry between Pharm and his new friend Team (Prem Warut). There was something about their clever jokes and laughter that just resonated with me more as a viewer. The size difference between them helped as they stood side by side and Team genuinely seemed

protective of Pharm in most situations. He listened to Pharm’s problems and offered advice in that adorably simplistic manner that displays his caring nature. Even the hilarious banter about both couple’s sex life made me blush; as Pharm and Team’s eyes met. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a feeling that there could have been something more to this relationship.

Ohm Thitiwat and Kao Noppakao

My mind has been sailing this phantom ship since I saw Ohm and Kao’s off screen interactions, while they were starring in the same series. The two stereotypical leads in the series “Until We Meet Again” were always physically hands-on during lives and interviews. Laughing at jokes, reaching across their canonical pairings to poke and tease each other. Perfectly planting the ghost ship’s fantasy in the minds of their loyal fans. Mine included! What really sailed this ship for me was, how much they played into the public persona of Ohm & Kao; going so far as to imply who would top who. Situations like these would really act as the wind in my sails, propelling my mind into overdrive.

We will be back with an exciting new feature next weekend. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you updates from the BL world!

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