“Because Of You” Series Review (Ep.1 to 10)

“Because of You” focuses on the lives of the Yuan brothers, who belong to a very wealthy family. Their absentee Father only takes care of their financial needs and they have no emotional attachment with each other.

The younger brothers Yuan Jun Dao (Will Chang) and Yuan Jun Ping (Jerom Huang Alouf) are awfully close with their best friends Yang Xiang (Leo Kuo) and Yan Yue (Wells Su), while elder brother Yuan Jun Cheng (Lee Shi Kang) is a loner of sorts. Then he meets Lin Xun (Hsu Mu Ji) and his world is turned upside down. Sounds interesting right? It does get a little confusing as they all have share the same first name Yuan Jun, but it is understandable. The storyline is very interesting; in ten short episodes the scriptwriter has packed too much substance, despite that the pacing doesn’t feel rushed. There are a lot of hilarious moments in store on Because of You. I laughed a lot and also cried happy tears.

The series start with Yuan Jun Cheng coming home as his father summons the brothers to his office. Their father received an anonymous call, from whom he believes to be a lovechild with his ex-lover. So the father wants his three sons to find their long-lost brother. Well, let’s just say the sons aren’t thrilled with the task, but Yuan Jun Cheng accepts the challenge. His only condition remains that his Father should return Jun Cheng’s mother’s belongings to him. They are each given a file and Yuan Jun Cheng recognizes his new stepbrother Lin Xun. Yuan Jun Cheng recognizes Lin Xun as his savior from the day, when his Uncle had hired some goons to kidnap him. He tells his dad that he will find Lin Xun and bring him back.

So what does Yuan Jun Cheng do? He follows Lin Xun and kidnaps him. Yes and this was one of my favorite parts. He also does a DNA test to confirm Lin Xun’s identity. Guess the result? Watch and find out !!!

The storyline then shifts its focus to the other two couples- Yuan Jun Dao and Yang Xiang, also Yuan Jun Ping and Yan Yue. When I first started watching this show, I thought they were disinterested in the challenge. But I was wrong and they do attempt to find Lin Xun in their own ways. Although, Yuan Jun Dao doesn’t care much about the challenge. There are too many melodramatic moments amongst the brothers. One of my favorite scenes is when Yuan Jun Cheng and Yuan Jun Dao get drunk. I laughed so hard at that scene. The three couples share equal screen time, which is praiseworthy. But I wish we had more scenes involving the side couples. Can we really call them side couples, when they have their own substantial storylines? They are just as sweet and adorable as the main couple! There are abundant twists and turns in this miniseries which will leave you in high spirits.

The drama is quite addictive and you won’t be disappointed. I enjoyed the chemistry between all the three couples. The show depicts the importance of “Finding Your One True Love” and how the brother’s better halves bring them closer. I wish there was little more backstory about each couple, so we could get to learn more about them. Although a sequel is highly anticipated, the current Covid situation isn’t conducive for the same. Despite that, avid fans of the show are certainly excited about the possibility.Watching this show will certainly change your perspective about love and familial bonds. You never get to choose your family. You just need to accept them and love them, despite their flaws. Always remember that “Love is Love. Never regret falling in love.”

Rating- 4 out of 5

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