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“Cutie Pie 2 You” Series Review (Ep.1 to 4)

When I first heard that Cutie Pie was going to have a mini series as a sequel, a lot of questions ran through my mind. Would it offer more development to previously underdeveloped characters, especially Syn and Nuer? (Yes, kind of.) Would it offer something to the Cutie Pie world that couldn’t have been covered in the previous series were it better written and better paced? (Not really.)

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The BL Xpress Awards-2022 (Popular Vote)- Top Ten BL Couples

Romance can be beguiling. Surprisingly enough, our readers feel the same. Gone are the days when you could sell BLs based on sex or sensuality; the fans are more choosy these days. They prefer quality over quantity and it shows in their intelligent choices. “The Top Ten BL Couples” have rightfully earned their spot on our list because of their incomparable chemistry and flawless performances. Thank you to one and all for taking the time to vote. Check out the results below.

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#TeamBLXpress Top Ten BL Actors (2022 Edition)-Part II

“Giving voice to characters that have no other voice—that’s the great worth of what we do.” — Meryl Streep

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Favorite BL Ships- Part III

BL Ships are the veritable anchor that makes or breaks the popularity of their respective shows. If the anchor is strong, it saves the ship (read TV ratings); or else the drama is doomed to sink.

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Favorite BL Ships

Shipping is a standard part of the BL industry. It should never become a toxic intrusion into an artist’s personal life, but it is nice to see one’s favorite on-screen couples take center stage together. Join us at the BL Xpress as we share some of our favorite ships.

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Artist’s Profile- Zee Pruk

With the release of his recent drama, “CutiePie The Series” which is making waves across the international borders, Zee Pruk is one of the most talented actors in the Thai BL industry. While his sting as the main lead in popular drama “Why R U The Series” earned him an avid fanbase in the Boys’ Love universe; his passion for enacting variant roles makes him an actor par excellence!

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