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Weekly BL Updates

It’s a busy week ahead and, as always, we are here with the latest updates and exclusives from the BL world. It’s our job to keep you abreast with the newest happenings in the Boy’s Love diaspora and we aim to please. Join us as we talk about fresh arrivals as well as news reports relative to shows that are making waves across the globe!

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Top Ten Korean BLs (2020-2022 Edition)

Creating a top favorites list has always been hard for me. How I feel about a drama depends mainly on my mood when watching. So, I generally hesitate to number my lists. Therefore, to put together my top ten favorite Korean BLs from 2020-2022, I revisited my Twitter posts, taking note of the ones that left me reeling enough to spill my feelings into the Twitterverse. Considering the amount of BLs South Korea released over the last few years, narrowing them down was no easy task, but certainly a lot of fun to revisit.

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My TOP 5 Korean BL series

South Korea is relatively new to the BL scene compared to others. While Japan remains number one in manga/anime production, others have started to catch up. South Korea has released so many manhwas – the Korean term for graphic novels – over the past couple of years that even I am having trouble following them all, and I’m a massive consumer of yaoi. Yet, even with such a large production of yaoi manhwa and novels, I confess I did not expect South Korea to join the BL series bandwagon so soon. After all, South Korea is still very conservative. Then again, society in general is still quite conservative, isn’t it?

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Favorite Fictional BL Couples (Primary)-Part III

While portraying fictional roles is a tedious task, embodying their quirks and characteristics is even more difficult.

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My All Time Favorite BL Dramas (Part III)

Sunday mornings definitely demand some cozy moments, as you sip on your morning cup of coffee and read something to de-stress yourself.

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The Transition of Korean BL’s

South Korea.

The first thing I think of when I see South Korea mentioned is phenomenal, emotional storytelling. From their dramas to their movies to their music, South Korean artists, writers, musicians, and producers have a way of painting a colorful, well-developed picture that draws their audiences in.

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