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Most Disappointing BL Dramas- Part III

Disappointment can’t be projected, unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to veritable BL content. Though it is impossible to tag each drama/movie, with the amount of shows premiering each quarter, we have tried our level best to square off the choices that left us shaking our heads in regret. In today’s feature, our authors will be talking about dramas whose ratings couldn’t keep up with their promising trailers!

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Favorite BL OST

Music is a powerful thing. Many of us have entire playlists that carry us through different moments in our lives. From heartbreak and grief to romance and joy, music has an incredible way of adding intensity to everyday life.

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Favorite BL Scenes

Whether you’re reading a book, watching a drama, or enjoying a film, there are always moments that leave an impression, moments that stick with a person long after the book, drama, or film has ended.

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Villians We Love To Hate- The BL Version

Any kind of drama is incomplete without an antagonist. If you don’t have that added flair of jealousy or unimaginable scheming, BL’s would be lackluster.

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