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Upcoming Asian BL Dramas- Part I

With the Boys Love universe growing every day it can be difficult to decide what to watch amongst the new and returning shows. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together an impressive list of some top-notch Boys Love television shows that are sure not to disappoint! There’s a little something here to suit everybody’s taste.

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Follow Up on the Controversy between Mr. Build Jakapan and Poi Patchayamon

It’s been about a week since Miss Patchayamon Theewasujaroen (Poi) one of the authors of KinnPorsche the novel broke her silence and exposed beloved Be On Cloud Actor Build Jakapan as an abuser. A revelation which caused a ripple effect in Build’s life. First he was suspended from all BOC activities, then he was dropped as a spokesperson by two major brands, and most recently he was excluded from the KinnPorsche world tour appearance in Hong Kong. The hate from fans has been overwhelming with the hashtag “BuiIsAnAbuser” trending for days on end, forcing Mr. Jakapan to delete his entire social media presence. Now while the evidence against Build is glaring, a shadow of doubt has been cast upon Miss Patchayamon. This is mainly due to inconsistencies in her story. Facts have been distorted, posts have been deleted and fans have begun to wonder if everything Poi was alleging is actually true.

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Best Friendships in the BL World

Although most BL dramas focus on romance between the BL/GL couples, another element that plays an important role in the storyline is- Friendship. Confused teenagers often seek advice from their friends that encourage and support them. Being a member of the LGBTQ community is difficult, so friends become a big part of the support system that drives them forward. In today’s feature, we will be talking about such varied friendships that offer comfort and solace when the need arises.

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The Controversy Surrounding Be On Cloud Actor “Build Jakapan” and KinnPorsche Author “Poi Patchayamon”

Every once in a while an awful story will surface about a BL actor’s personal life. Ohm Pawat, Krist Perawat, Nam Yoon-Sung and Toy Thanapat are just a few names that come to mind when you think of BL actors who have had controversies surrounding them. The latest name to join that list is none other than KinnPorsche star Build Jakapan. Build Jakapan rose to fame quickly after his mind-blowing performance as Pete in KinnPorsche The Series. Alongside his co-star Bible Wichapas, they dominated the BL scene. They were on the cover of every magazine, on the red carpet at every event, in commercials, talk shows and just last week they announced their first role as the lead couple in an upcoming Be On Cloud’s original series 4 Minutes. He seems to be at the peak of his career, which is why it came as a shock when we woke up to news of Build Jakapan being accused of abuse.

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“Be On Cloud” 2023 Lineup

Following the success of “KinnPorsche The Series” there has been a lot of pressure on Be On Cloud to produce other projects equally as good. While some fans demanded a continuation of the same project, others thought that KinnPorsche is perfect as is and should remain untouched and unaltered forever in our memories. One thing is for sure, Be On Cloud has remained tight lipped about their 2023 project lineup with no hints given whatsoever on what we can expect. But with a roster of A-list actors we are sure they won’t disappoint.

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My School President: Midway Thoughts

With Episode 6 of GMMTV’s High School Music series My School President (แฟนผมเป็นประธานนักเรียน) we’ve reached the halfway point. While from episode-to-episode reviews, you can probably already tell my feelings on this series, but I’m going to reiterate them here anyway – because, well, I love writing about this series.

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“My Friendship: S1 & S2: Before The Rainbow” Series Review

Though it may not be necessary to watch part 1 before part 2, it might make more sense to watch it since part 2 is the prequel to part 1. However, I watched part 2 before the first series. For me, it was not necessarily the smoothest of transitions. But the story is simple and basic, yet it conveys a sense of life as it exists. One comes to terms with who he is and the other does not. There are only two characters in this series and so the whole story is shouldered on the strength and conviction of these two young men.

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