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The BL Xpress Awards-2022 (Popular Vote)- Top Ten BL Couples

Romance can be beguiling. Surprisingly enough, our readers feel the same. Gone are the days when you could sell BLs based on sex or sensuality; the fans are more choosy these days. They prefer quality over quantity and it shows in their intelligent choices. “The Top Ten BL Couples” have rightfully earned their spot on our list because of their incomparable chemistry and flawless performances. Thank you to one and all for taking the time to vote. Check out the results below.

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#TeamBLXpress Top Ten BL Couples (2022 Edition)

Choosing the “Top Ten BL Couples” from the veritable number of Boys’ Love dramas that premiered in 2022 was indeed difficult. Our authors had to surf through numerous favorites to narrow their list of these choices. In today’s feature, we will be talking about popular BL couples based on their acting talents and compatibility with each other. Join us as our team members talk about their dearest couples!

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Favorite BL Ships

Shipping is a standard part of the BL industry. It should never become a toxic intrusion into an artist’s personal life, but it is nice to see one’s favorite on-screen couples take center stage together. Join us at the BL Xpress as we share some of our favorite ships.

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Favorite Fictional Ghost Ships- Part III

Ghost Ships surely are a fun way to let your imagination run wild. Whilst most Ghost Ships are unhindered fantasies spun by the fans, the casting director could certainly take a cue from these varied choices for their upcoming BL dramas.

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