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“Sparks Camp” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

While looks can be discerning, reality shows aren’t exactly the best judge of character; especially dating shows that could be farce or scripted. Reality shows have always existed in the broader sense and these days they are being inculcated into the Boys’ Love diaspora. Makes us question the belief of “How a fictional genre could incorporate a dating show which is undeniably being marketed as realistic?”. We could keep arguing about the technicalities, but it doesn’t change the fact that BL sells and nestling these shows under the hugely popular genre helps in promotions and marketing. So, when the Korean launched their very own version of dating shows like “His Man” and “Merry Queer”, they were applauded for their efforts. The format was new, and the contestants were intriguing. They had a story to share, each of them. While “His Man” was intentionally gay oriented, “Merry Queer” was blissfully more aligned with the queer community because of its diversified selection of contestants. Both shows ended on a positive response; although “His Man” did court controversy later. Hong Kong’s “Boyscation” wasn’t much appreciated, but it did open the floodgates for future remakes.

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Weekly BL Updates

Ask anybody and they will tell you the world of BL is a lot to keep up with these days. There’s a seemingly never ending pile of new shows, returning shows and shows we keep meaning to catch up on. This week was no different as it came with a few surprises. Frank and Lee filmed a whole series in secret, Vietnamese Production house ‘MCV’ released their TIKTOK series ‘Ey Mi Amor’ and Strongberry decided to let fans vote on which series they should produce next. All in all, it was a great week. So sit back and catch up on what happened.

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Weekly BL Updates- Part II

Every day something new pops up in this BL universe, every day it’s a different story, a different country, a different actor. And every day we will be here to give you the 411 on what you need to know.

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Weekly BL Updates

As the curtain of another week falls, the stage is set for a fresh slate of movie and TV show picks in the BL universe. Never have we seen such an influx of new content, but don’t worry we are here with all the details, so read on.

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My All Time Favorite Pinoy BL Dramas/Movies- Part II

Pinoy BLs are an uncharted territory and lack the popularity that their Asian counterparts enjoy. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t some exceptional stories out there that need to be experienced and revered. Join us, as our authors talk about their personal favorites, the ones that have put this genre on an international platform!

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My All-Time Favorite Pinoy BL Dramas

If you are obsessed with the Boys’ Love genre, there is a fair chance that you have watched dramas from the Filipino shores. Popularly known as Pinoy BL, the industry slowly evolved during the unfortunate happenstance of the Covid-19 pandemic. While local governments were clamoring to keep the pandemic under control, major production houses were shut down and shootings were halted. In the midst of this mayhem, Filipino media giants, Idea First Company & Black Sheep choose to script history with their “out-of-the-box” web series- Gameboys The Series & Hello Stranger, heralding this new genre into existence. It’s been a couple of years since then and Pinoy BL dramas/movies are now a commonplace phenomenon. Trying to bank on the success of their predecessors, the industry has seen an unprecedented increase in the number of shows released per year; the quality is although questionable. Today, we will be talking about those few shows that were not only phenomenally scripted but brilliantly executed!

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“The Day I Loved You” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

The Day I Loved You starts off exactly as advertised. And I do mean that in the best way. It is a cute, fluffy BL set in high school, with a love triangle, unrequited love, sparks flying at the first meeting, prom, the whole shebang. It has kept me hooked after barely thirty minutes of content so far.

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