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Favorite Location/Setting

While cinematography and appropriate casting form the backbone to a drama’s success, another important factor that weighs in- is the location/setting. An entire team is involved in checking out the locales suitable to the script to building magnanimous sets that match the show’s era. In today’s feature, our authors will be taking about their favorite cinematic “Location/Setting”.

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#TeamBLXpress Top Ten BL Dramas (2022 Edition)

It has been an interesting year, with a surprising surge of BL dramas, that were both contemplative and riveting.

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The Meaning of Freedom in “Not Me The Series”

Recently, I’ve read and seen a lot of news about social injustices, gender discrimination, and inequality. Yes, I know these are overdue issues. But while I was pondering about these things, I came across Not Me which incorporates those concepts and has become one of GMMTV’s BL series masterpieces.

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Favorite BL Tropes

Love or leave them, there is no denying that the tropes seen most often in BL dramas/film have carved out a place for themselves, even as some have transitioned out over the years. And with that in mind, we at the BLXpress are diving into our favorite dramatic clichés. Join us as we each share the tropes we love the most.

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