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My All-Time Favorite Pinoy BL Dramas

If you are obsessed with the Boys’ Love genre, there is a fair chance that you have watched dramas from the Filipino shores. Popularly known as Pinoy BL, the industry slowly evolved during the unfortunate happenstance of the Covid-19 pandemic. While local governments were clamoring to keep the pandemic under control, major production houses were shut down and shootings were halted. In the midst of this mayhem, Filipino media giants, Idea First Company & Black Sheep choose to script history with their “out-of-the-box” web series- Gameboys The Series & Hello Stranger, heralding this new genre into existence. It’s been a couple of years since then and Pinoy BL dramas/movies are now a commonplace phenomenon. Trying to bank on the success of their predecessors, the industry has seen an unprecedented increase in the number of shows released per year; the quality is although questionable. Today, we will be talking about those few shows that were not only phenomenally scripted but brilliantly executed!

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“My Extraordinary” Series Review (Ep.1 to 8)

My Extraordinary is a story about finding love in the midst of societal pressures and the hardships that align with parental expectations. The painful process of learning to be true to yourself! This can be a hard road to embark on and in the end, are we happy with our decisions? Can we find a true understanding of this forbidden love?

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