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Best Friendships in the BL World- Part II

The friendships in the BL world are as varied as the diverse stories. Some of them are memorable because they form the backbone of the support system needed by the main couple to come to terms with their feelings or simply seek comfort. More so, when they are struggling with their sexuality and may not have parental adherence. In today’s feature, our authors will be sharing their favorites- friends who carry you forward through time and tide!

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Best Friendships in the BL World

Although most BL dramas focus on romance between the BL/GL couples, another element that plays an important role in the storyline is- Friendship. Confused teenagers often seek advice from their friends that encourage and support them. Being a member of the LGBTQ community is difficult, so friends become a big part of the support system that drives them forward. In today’s feature, we will be talking about such varied friendships that offer comfort and solace when the need arises.

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Favorite BL Lady- Part III

BL dramas are essentially coveted for their sensual depictions of gay romances, specifically catered to please avid fujoshi’s with vivid fantasies of their own.

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Favorite BL OST

Music is a powerful thing. Many of us have entire playlists that carry us through different moments in our lives. From heartbreak and grief to romance and joy, music has an incredible way of adding intensity to everyday life.

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Favorite BL Scenes

Whether you’re reading a book, watching a drama, or enjoying a film, there are always moments that leave an impression, moments that stick with a person long after the book, drama, or film has ended.

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Best BL Couple- 2021 (Popular Vote)

Stepping foot into the last week of 2021 seems unreal. It has been a magnanimous year in terms of popular BL productions.

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