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In Conversation with “2 Worlds” Novelist Prang Author

“DMD Line Up 2023 Into the New Universe” was a rather glitzy, promising affair. The live event etched their future projects in the minds of avid fans, but the show that caught everyone’s attention was- Two Worlds. Penned by popular author, Prang; this upcoming thriller is a fantasy drama set in a parallel universe. Featuring popular BL couple, Max Kornthas & Nat Natasitt in lead roles alongside Gun Thapanawat (Unforgotten Night), this show is already in the limelight because of its succinct storyline and intriguing casting. We sat down for a heart-to-heart with the novelist to learn more about Two Worlds and his upcoming book releases!

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“Unforgotten Night” Series Review (Ep.3 to 12)

The idea of a one-night stand is that it’s the moment when you choose to do something that’s outside of your normal. That choice shouldn’t normally have any baring on the rest of your life because a random sexual encounter shouldn’t define you as a person; which is why I find it so ironic that for Kim (Ton Saran), it does. This is for me a great indicator of what “Unforgotten Night” offers on the whole. Beautiful to look at but lacking actual substance.

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