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Most Disappointing BL Dramas

The BL world is always filled with variable choices; some good, others unfairly regrettable. While we can’t always fall in love with most shows; today’s feature focuses on those dramas that left us bitterly disappointed with their inconsistent pacing or odd storyline. Join us, as our authors express their displeasure and talk about their most disappointing BL dramas!

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“Dark Blue and Moonlight” Series Review (Ep.1 to 12)

I really liked the previews for this BL, but not the series. The actors were good, but the show was slow paced and I did not feel the chemistry between the main couple. Su Hai Qing and Chen Pin Jun had more chemistry than Yan Fei and Su Hai Qing did. I adored watching the elderly grandfather though. He was sweet and cute.

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