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Have a Little Faith in Me

If you’ve read my previous write-ups about the Thai BL KinnPorsche and the growing relationships happening in the series, you’ve seen me talk a lot about trust and how precarious it is, how fragile the thread of faith is between two people, and how easily it can break. Especially if it’s been tested before in a previous relationship.

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Favorite BL Ships- Part II

Shipping is a serious business in the Asian BL industry, with legions of fandoms invested in the offscreen camaraderie between their beloved idol’s.

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Favorite BL Ships

Shipping is a standard part of the BL industry. It should never become a toxic intrusion into an artist’s personal life, but it is nice to see one’s favorite on-screen couples take center stage together. Join us at the BL Xpress as we share some of our favorite ships.

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