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Beyond the Evil, There is Love

The Korean drama Beyond Evil is a fascinating study of human character, identity, trust, and loss. From how Jin-muk strips his victims of their identities by removing their fingerprints (then ironically returning them to where they ‘belong’) to the loss of self each of the characters goes through to discover what they’re capable of, Beyond Evil questions ‘self’ and the ‘reflections of ourselves.’ It takes a town and everyone in it, turns it upside down, and then forces them to look at and question themselves and each other. It takes morality and immorality and squares them off.

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Favorite BL Tropes- Part III

Popular BL culture, like most other genres, closely follows the same set of tropes that, though repetitive, are indeed endearing.

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Favorite BL Tropes

Love or leave them, there is no denying that the tropes seen most often in BL dramas/film have carved out a place for themselves, even as some have transitioned out over the years. And with that in mind, we at the BLXpress are diving into our favorite dramatic clichés. Join us as we each share the tropes we love the most.

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