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“A Boss and a Babe” Series Review (Ep.3 to 12)

This GMMTV office comedy started hot – a worthy piece for lead couple Force Jiratchapong and Book Kasidet, proving once and for all that the lackluster Enchanté had nothing to with the acting and everything to do with everything else. It wasn’t a bad series, it just wasn’t good either, but A Boss and a Babe was, in short, perfect – at least for what it was.

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Upcoming Asian BL Dramas – Part II

February came with a lot of surprises. Firstly, Devonte296 series “The Promise” was postponed to March. Thai projects “Destiny Seeker”, “Moments of Love” and “Café in Love” were released, but much to our disappointment they weren’t made available to International fans. Domundi aired “Our winter” with 1-minute-long episodes, while Japan delivered the scintillating “Jack o’ Frost”. Korea adapted “To My Star 2” into a movie that’s 4.5 hours long and the first virtual reality BL series was released. All in all, it was a great month with at least 15 new projects to add to our roster. So what’s next you ask? Keep reading!

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