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“Oh No, Here Comes Trouble” Series Review (Ep.1 to 12)

The adage ‘home is where the heart is’ isn’t just a proverb to turn to when emotionally lost, it’s about finding hope in something the heart understands when nothing else makes sense.

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“Sparks Camp” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

While looks can be discerning, reality shows aren’t exactly the best judge of character; especially dating shows that could be farce or scripted. Reality shows have always existed in the broader sense and these days they are being inculcated into the Boys’ Love diaspora. Makes us question the belief of “How a fictional genre could incorporate a dating show which is undeniably being marketed as realistic?”. We could keep arguing about the technicalities, but it doesn’t change the fact that BL sells and nestling these shows under the hugely popular genre helps in promotions and marketing. So, when the Korean launched their very own version of dating shows like “His Man” and “Merry Queer”, they were applauded for their efforts. The format was new, and the contestants were intriguing. They had a story to share, each of them. While “His Man” was intentionally gay oriented, “Merry Queer” was blissfully more aligned with the queer community because of its diversified selection of contestants. Both shows ended on a positive response; although “His Man” did court controversy later. Hong Kong’s “Boyscation” wasn’t much appreciated, but it did open the floodgates for future remakes.

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“Destiny Seeker” Series Review (Ep.1 to 10)

The BL series Destiny Seeker takes viewers on a journey through the lives of Songkhram and Ai, two engineering students who, by chance, end up running Dormitory 2 and Dormitory 3, respectively. The backdrop for a story with charming sequences, shocking turns, and a quest for destiny is the long-standing rivalry between these two dorms. The rivalry-turned-love romance between Songkhram, played by the charismatic Earth Chitsanupong, and Ai, portrayed by the endearing Bank Nuttawat, is the core of the series. Songkhram has always been Dormitory 2’s bulwark of strength due to his extraordinary athletic prowess. His encounter with Ai, a rival who matches him in both charm and competitiveness, however, upends his entire universe. As the series investigates the strange transformation of passionate adversaries into lovers, viewers become engrossed and eager to learn the cause for this unexpected change of events.

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“Love Mate” Series Review (Ep.3 to 8)

“You learn through hurting.”

The trope-filled Korean BL Love Mate starring Cho Hyun Min as love-shy team leader Seo Yi Jun and Cho Han Gyeol as the persistent new employee Ha Ram has come to an end. And with it, it brings an unexpected slew of emotions I was not expecting to feel.

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“A Boss and a Babe” Series Review (Ep.3 to 12)

This GMMTV office comedy started hot – a worthy piece for lead couple Force Jiratchapong and Book Kasidet, proving once and for all that the lackluster Enchanté had nothing to with the acting and everything to do with everything else. It wasn’t a bad series, it just wasn’t good either, but A Boss and a Babe was, in short, perfect – at least for what it was.

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“La Pluie The Series” First Impressions (Ep.1 to 3)

In an alternate universe where Thailand is perpetually rainy and soulmates exist, La Pluie traces the story of Tai, who suffers from sensorineural hearing loss every time it rains. The only voice he can hear then is that of his soulmate, but he is adamant about not giving said soulmate a chance due to having seen his parents’ (who are also soulmates) relationship deteriorate.

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“What Did You Eat Yesterday” Series Review (Ep.1 to 12)

What Did You Eat Yesterday also called Kinou Nani Tabeta? is a Japanese BL comedy series about a live-in gay couple and their daily life activities. The main leads are a mature couple who are in their 40s, enjoy eating and cooking together a lot. Shiro (Hidetoshi Nishijima) and Kenji (Seiyou Uchino) are emotionally stable, normal gay couple. Both leads are strong and adorable in their own way.

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