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“My Policeman” Movie Review

Perhaps this theme has been told in several different ways, but its message remains relevant and worthy. However, to see, sense, feel, and experience the trials and tribulations of the past when it was ‘illegal’ to be homosexual (gay) still resonates today and bears being repeated lest we slip back into thinking that the good old days were somehow a Golden Age. They were not.

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“Reunion 2: Mystery of the Abyss” Movie Review

If you are an ardent fan of “The Lost Tomb” series; then it is a known fact that each adaptation in this popular franchise hints at the unhindered “Bromance” between the lead couples (PingXie & HeiHua).

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“The Invisible Thread” Movie Review

Touted as a dramatic comedy with LGBTQ overtones, The Invisible Thread is a story that seemingly appears to be based upon a true experience. While there are some depictions that are based on actual events, the storyline is completely fictional. Regrettably, this movie is a hit-and-miss viewing experience that only comes alive towards the end.

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