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“Mermaid’s Jade” Movie Review

No matter the century, humanity, in some form or fashion, has a need to destroy and subjugate beautiful things. The mentality applied is that the people doing the oppression “hate” the uniquely beautiful culture, skin tone, race that isn’t them.

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“Your Name Engraved Herein” Movie Review

I am not a big fan of movies in general when compared to shows, because I always feel that the time constraints impose limitations on how much of a story can be told; most movies tend to fall short on doing justice to all the characters and subplots they introduce. In a rushed script, we are sometimes left hanging with respect to resolutions that the characters of the film deserve as people.

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“Beef, Cupcake & Him” Movie Review

This short movie is simply astonishing. It starts out as another gourmet themed BL series which seems to be the latest trend in Boys’ Love as opposed to college settings. The story line is not necessarily unique but because of great character development, excellent acting, and an immersed story, this movie has become an early favorite of mine in 2022.

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