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“Stormy Honeymoon” Movie Review

A sequel to “The Star Always Follow You”, “Stormy Honeymoon” is a ‘stand-alone’ production. I personally think the prequel was so much more powerful and dramatic. This epilogue to one of the love stories, however, took the main couple from where we saw them in the prequel to where they are now at such a galloping speed that I felt like a missed something in between. Besides, it went from a serious theme to a light-hearted and silly narrative. A somewhat big schism for me to jump.

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“Midnight Love” Movie Review

This mini-movie appears to be more like an ‘after-school’ project and perhaps held together with chewing gum and glue. This is never going to win any awards nor be on any top 10 list. However, it did do something for me that so many BLs, especially Thai, do not do for me anymore. And that is, it made me smile. It made my eyes tear up. It also made me reflect. Further, it made me see how so, so many everyday ordinary gay relationships begin. This gem captured the heart and soul of a humanity that is not often portrayed. A humanity of individuals whose beauty lies within, not without, whose goodness is inherent, not extrinsic, and whose fortitude is who they are. It is a story of genuineness and strength of character. It is a story of life. And most importantly, it is a simple, basic story of love.

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“The Love Ring” Movie Review

This soft, well-meaning and very short BL drama is obviously a labor of love coming from Myanmar. And it should be applauded for its courage, message, and commitment to equality and gay rights. No less important is its passion towards seeing love as all-encompassing. But be forewarned. This is not a series for all. If you want the fancy, drawn-out, splashy, big production, then move on. Because this is not it. The production is simple and basic; the acting, though a bit inconsistent. But I believe it is an early and very beautiful attempt to introduce BL into a culture not known for its openness to such a concept.

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“Bus Stop” Movie Review

Perhaps merely a coincidence, but this short paragon of a production is the same name as a 1956 film starring the iconic Marilyn Monroe. (If you are unaware of who she is, Google her- I remember her vividly). While not necessarily the same plot, its underlying message is exactly the same. RESPECT. And respect is what gives this strikingly beautiful parable its own sense of worth and beauty.

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“My Policeman” Movie Review

Perhaps this theme has been told in several different ways, but its message remains relevant and worthy. However, to see, sense, feel, and experience the trials and tribulations of the past when it was ‘illegal’ to be homosexual (gay) still resonates today and bears being repeated lest we slip back into thinking that the good old days were somehow a Golden Age. They were not.

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“The Invisible Thread” Movie Review

Touted as a dramatic comedy with LGBTQ overtones, The Invisible Thread is a story that seemingly appears to be based upon a true experience. While there are some depictions that are based on actual events, the storyline is completely fictional. Regrettably, this movie is a hit-and-miss viewing experience that only comes alive towards the end.

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