Stepping Forward

an in-depth look at how far each KinnPorsche character has come and the power of words.

Favorite BL Tropes

Love or leave them, there is no denying that the tropes seen most often in BL dramas/film have carved out a place for themselves, even as some have transitioned out over the years. And with that in mind, we at the BLXpress are diving into our favorite dramatic clichés. Join us as we each share … Continue reading Favorite BL Tropes

“Advance Bravely” Series Review (Ep.1 to 30)

When a novel has a series or movie version, expect it that it wouldn’t be exactly as the original content. Particularly if it is being adapted from Danmie/BL literature. Due to Chinese censorship restrictions, the love between the lead characters becomes platonic or bromance. It will then depend on the chemistry between the actors and … Continue reading “Advance Bravely” Series Review (Ep.1 to 30)


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