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The Bastard Son and Good Queer Representation

Recently the series “The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself,” debuted on Netflix, and millions tuned in to see this wonderful series. Based on the books by author Sally Green, “the Half Bad Trilogy” tells the story of Nathan Byrne, son of Marcus Edge, the most infamous Blood Witch that ever lived. Aided by his friends Annalise and Gabriel, he quests to find the one thing that can save him from certain death: his family’s blood.

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“Fahlanruk The Series” First Impressions (Ep.1 to 3)

University is where young adults define their personalities; where they learn what they want and what they don’t and on Fahlanruk, it seems a bit more complicated. Main character and on campus Mr.Popularity Fahlan (Tonkhao Chayuth) seems to be the name on everyone’s tongue. People gossip, worship, speculate, and lust after him throughout the series. Created by the Thai company Safe Studio under the direction of Chik Sakon and K Chainarong, this off the wall ensemble drama focuses on the concept of “Is Friends with Benefits possible for two lovers?”

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“Unforgotten Night” Series Review (Ep.3 to 12)

The idea of a one-night stand is that it’s the moment when you choose to do something that’s outside of your normal. That choice shouldn’t normally have any baring on the rest of your life because a random sexual encounter shouldn’t define you as a person; which is why I find it so ironic that for Kim (Ton Saran), it does. This is for me a great indicator of what “Unforgotten Night” offers on the whole. Beautiful to look at but lacking actual substance.

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“Sky In Your Heart” Series Review (Ep.4 to 8)

The first three episodes of Sky in Your Heart play like a disjointed series of random moments as we watch Doctor Fah infatuated with the grumpy volunteer teacher Prince. Much like The Shipper, another GMMTV series, it gives us as much drama as comedy. Serious issues such as contracting malaria or food poisoning happen while we also follow an adult woman acting like a teenager as she runs away from an arranged marriage to a man she has never met.

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