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I got into BL at a time when I was struggling to accept my own sexuality, and I never could’ve known that reading manga/manhwa at the time would lead to BL being such a big part of my life now. Just starting to traverse the world of acafandom and hoping to get to study the rise of BL fandoms full time!

“Sleep With Me” Series Review (Ep.1 to 6)

Sleep With Me, starring Janine Gutierrez as Harry and Lovi Poe as Luna, other than being very binge-able over the weekend, asks some very important questions about disabled queer people, with a very prominent one – why aren’t there more stories about them?

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“DNA Says Love You” Series Review (Ep.3 to 12)

My first impressions of DNA Says Love You hinged entirely on the subplot of the Lone Lamp Ridge, because the first two episodes were really building up on the theme. What I thought would end up going in a direction of reincarnated lovers, and a fatalistic plot of finding each other in every lifetime, ended up being more of a childhood best friends-to-lovers plot, with an unexpected, but still somewhat predictable plot twist.

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