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I got into BL at a time when I was struggling to accept my own sexuality, and I never could’ve known that reading manga/manhwa at the time would lead to BL being such a big part of my life now. Just starting to traverse the world of acafandom and hoping to get to study the rise of BL fandoms full time!

Favorite Gay Couple in Non- BL Queer Media- Part II

Mainstream media in the western nations is notoriously evasive of queer content. And yet there are some who are braving the storm to portray LGBTQ inclusive characters while depicting their stories wholeheartedly. “MM Romance” books might be tremendously popular, but they are still far off from the kind of influence that Asian BLs enjoy. In today’s feature, our authors would be sharing their opinions about the few legendary couples who were gutsy in their portrayal of queer love!

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#TeamBLXpress Current Watchlist/Anticipated Shows- Part II

We are here with the latest edition of our Sunday Feature, where #TeamBLXpress will be sharing their “Current Watchlist/Anticipated Shows”. Our authors have listed their current favorites as well as the upcoming shows they are excited about. It wasn’t an easy task with the heavy load that we were tackling; but we wanted to reach out to our readers and exchange watchlists. Join us on this ride and do comment on this post!

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