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I'm a baby acafan who can't get enough of BL or K-Pop (especially when they both intersect). Multishipping is my jam. Also a queer pancake (if you know you know). Currently obsessed with EarthMix and OhmNaMon.

Favorite BL Lady- Part II

Feminist roles in BL dramas are sidelined; it’s not baffling because Boys’ Love caters to a wider range of audiences that are more interested in gay romance. The female characters in these shows are often underrated or undermined. And yet, some great portrayals leave a strong impression on your mind for a myriad of reasons. In today’s feature, we will be talking about such prominent female depictures!

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Most Disappointing BL Dramas- Part II

Since we are always talking about our favorites, today’s feature would be focusing on the non favorites; dramas that left us shaking our heads in disbelief or shock. Mostly quantity precedes quality in the Boys’ Love world and there is no escaping the fact that most dramas seem lacking in terms of storytelling or casting. Join us, as our authors take stock of shows that were a major disappointment.

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Favorite BL Ships- Part II

Shipping is a serious business in the Asian BL industry, with legions of fandoms invested in the offscreen camaraderie between their beloved idol’s.

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