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“Secret Crush on You” Series Review (Ep. 5 to 14)

When I wrote my first impressions of this series, I came to the… uneven… conclusion that I wasn’t sure I liked it or not. Now that I’m done with the series, I think it falls on the side of liking it. Somehow, over the course of these fourteen episodes, I started really enjoying it and felt a kind of connection to the characters.

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Safe House SS3 or… well… Twerk House

Welcome to the first Safe House of 2022, advertised as Couples’ Getaway, because unlike previous seasons where GMMTV had one or two shipped couples and a handful of others, this season had 5 pairs – OffGun, EarthMix, JimmySea, NeoLouis and JoongDunk. It was also a season where the gimmick was called ‘Best Bro Secret’: each member had a best bro looking out for them, sending messages through the producers, making their bros or others do tasks, and so on.

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“Bad Buddy” Series Review (Ep.5 to 12)

One of the most interesting things about watching Bad Buddy the Series or BBS has been seeing how its fandom grew from ‘oh this series looks interesting’ to ‘they did what?!’, finally culminating in ‘omg greatest series ever’ over the course of its twelve episodes. As to what I thought, well, that’s what this review is for.

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