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I am a newbie in the Y-niverse. My initiators into LGBTQ+ romance series/films were the much revered Gallavich and SKAM France boys. By the time I discovered Asian BL works, I was already tripping hard in the rabbit hole. Be it the flair, antics or drama of the BL industry; on-screen and off – I’m here for it all. Proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community. I love receipts and evidences when it comes to “Ship(s)” and “Fandom” drama. Here at BL Xpress, I bring to you profiles of your favourite BL actors. Stay tuned for updates.

My Favorite BL Actors- Part III

Choosing our favorite BL actors is seemingly a difficult job, because let’s be frank- they are too many actors which diverse interests, backgrounds and fandoms.

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Artist’s Profile- Yang Yu Teng

Yang Yu Teng (Birth name – Maruyama Yusuke) is a Taiwanese actor, model and singer best known for his portrayal of Zhou Shu Yi in the series “We Best Love: No.1 For You” and its sequel “We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd”.

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