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“Love Bill” Series Review (Ep. 1 to 10)

This is one of those series that is so centric to being Vietnamese, that it might not be translatable into other languages. Idiomatic expressions and nuances of the language are powerful but when translated into other languages might not have the same intended impact. Does that take away anything from the series? Sure, it does. Does it make watching this series more difficult to interpret? Absolutely. Does it make it less impactful? No! I still felt its impact. I merely have to translate into my own internal language and give it meaning to me. And this series is astonishingly moving and so full of life. And that life had so many peaks and valleys that it made watching it joyful and sorrowful emotionally for me.

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“Home Par” Movie Review

This is an excellent example of what you can do when you have a robust focus on a story to tell even within a short time frame. This gay short film is all of 22+ minutes long and has a powerful message. What is that message? Determination and Acceptance.

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“My Friendship: S1 & S2: Before The Rainbow” Series Review

Though it may not be necessary to watch part 1 before part 2, it might make more sense to watch it since part 2 is the prequel to part 1. However, I watched part 2 before the first series. For me, it was not necessarily the smoothest of transitions. But the story is simple and basic, yet it conveys a sense of life as it exists. One comes to terms with who he is and the other does not. There are only two characters in this series and so the whole story is shouldered on the strength and conviction of these two young men.

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“War of Y” Series Review (Ep.1 to 20)

There are four anthologies involved in this series. The four are tangentially connected but in the most loosely defined way. Each involves a ship in the world of Y from various dimensions, none of which are flattering, or display any sense of socially acceptable behaviors. To be sure, every profession has its unsavoriness, but this series tended to show that every aspect of the BL industry is fraught with ruthlessness and pain. Is it worth it? For many, it is their life-long dream, but it is paid at a very high cost.

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“My Policeman” Movie Review

Perhaps this theme has been told in several different ways, but its message remains relevant and worthy. However, to see, sense, feel, and experience the trials and tribulations of the past when it was ‘illegal’ to be homosexual (gay) still resonates today and bears being repeated lest we slip back into thinking that the good old days were somehow a Golden Age. They were not.

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“Big Dragon Season One” Series Review (Ep. 1 to 8)

This BL series is like taking a canoe ride down an unknown river- you never know what is around the bend. The first leg of the journey, I would say the first three episodes, were exciting, fun and different (for a Thai BL). Then the trip got boring and meandered because of too many tributaries to choose in which direction to paddle, and in the end, after hitting a couple of rocks that nearly capsized the boat, we finally ended on the dock, saying to ourselves, “Did I enjoy that journey?”

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