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“Country Boy” Movie Review

This astonishing BL series from 2021 was re-released as a movie in 2022. So, now you get the full impact of this brilliant story in one setting. And frankly, it is just as poignant, moving, and charming as the first time I saw it as a series. And I am so glad that I picked it as the “BEST” BL series for 2021. Let me state this as clearly as I can. This is a cinematic masterpiece.

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“The Tuxedo” Series Review (Ep.1 to 8)

What can you say about this series that has not already been said about a zillion other Thai BL series? Handsome actors, great ambience, fabulous clothes, imprecise story; which is too bad because the main actors can act, as they did bring some character intensity to their roles. The story however, went flat and pedestrian.

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“55:15 Never Too Late” Series Review (Ep.1 to 16)

An overlooked series that has both brilliance and occasional ineptness. Through its sporadic ups and downs, I was mesmerized by its message, that is both clear and muddy at the same time.

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