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About US

This blog is our attempt at sharing the recent updates and news related to the BL World. As such, we will try our level best to deliver the latest happenings on the Asian Platform which includes Thai, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, and Taiwanese.

The content will be categorized into

News- We will be regularly featuring the latest reports related to upcoming BL shows as well films. Starting from the pre-production to post-production stage, the BL Xpress will keep you hooked!

Reviews- We watch dramas that span across the entire Asian subcontinent. As such, the shows will quality content will be reviewed and thoroughly dissected.

Features- We will be adding regular updates about the BL content that will feature our current favorites for the month.

Opinion Pieces- At times, I’m swept away by an ocean of emotions while watching certain shows or movies. As such, the BL Xpress will feature regular Opinion Pieces.

Interviews- The BL Xpress endeavors to keep you abreast with the latest happenings in the world of “BL/GL/LGBTQ”. As such, we will be fervently publishing interviews with celebrities and authors related to the said genre.

Artist’s Profiles- In Profiles, we attempt to familiarize our readers with Actors/Actresses belonging to the BL/GL genre. We will resourcing pertaining information about their personal and professional life, while debating about their acting talents and on-screen chemistry with their respective co-stars.

Our Team-

Krishna Naidu



I grew up on a stable diet on monotonous Indian dramas, which stretch for a decade or so. As such, boredom made me seek new avenues and I started exploring Asian Dramas. My search for new content finally lead me to the “Boy’s Love” Universe and so far, it has been an overwhelming experience. After having worked as the Content Manager of popular BL website, Psychomilk, “The BL Xpress” is my attempt at spreading my wings. Follow me on this amazing journey as we explore the different genres of Asian BL!



Starting a decade ago with “Bangkok Love Story” I fell in love with the depictions of gay romance presented from other countries.  In America where I live, I feel there is a mold most are cut from. But with the BL from other countries there seems to be limitless possibilities for how gay men and women can be portrayed. I quickly learned that the manga I read often had gay characters, specifically tailored for American audience translations.  With that I fell head first into this interesting and diverse fandom and never looked back.  Shows like “Love By Chance” and “What The Duck” hold special place in my heart because of their unique stories and characters that I just enjoy.  Through them I discovered there were also BL novels which often act as the inspiration for later adaptations, so I’m often reading fan translations or buying books from MEB.  “Blue Kiss” & “Dark Blue Kiss” are two of my favorites.

Drama_Llama (previously Kdarlings)


Just me being me. I am an author and YouTuber devoted to kindness, books, dramas, films, anime, and music. Bisexual.



My love for yaoi/BL started a very long time ago when everything was sort of forbidden and hush-hush. I am so glad it isn’t so anymore. Being able to see the exponential growth of BL to the point of becoming an industry is flabbergasting. I feel blessed. So here I am. Probably old enough to be your mum. I’m an English teacher, translator, editor, proofreader, lover of books, mystery, BL of all sorts, chocolate, and Yizhan. I also write fanfiction, but who doesn’t, huh. Glad to be at service. BL rules.


Assistant Editor/Writer

I am Dee and of course, love to read and watch BL. In 2018, I accidentally stumbled upon a Sotus fanfiction and from there I started my BL journey, since then I am in love with BL. I am so thankful for that fanfiction that introduced me to this beautiful world. My all-time fav. ships are Kornknock and KongpopArthit. When I am not watching or Reading BL, I usually watch Kdrama or Cdrama, or Anime. I love reading Chinese BL (Wangxian forever) and Japanese manga. Books are my first and forever love and Someday I wish to publish a book of mine. I am a huge supporter of the LGBTQ Community and I stand by the phrase Love is Love.



Desi BL academic and fulltime fangirl. I started my BL journey nearly two decades ago, when I discovered and fell in love with the genre all at once, and haven’t looked back.



I’m a baby acafan who can’t get enough of BL or K-Pop (especially when they both intersect). Multishipping is my jam. Also a queer pancake (if you know you know). Currently obsessed with EarthMix and OhmNaMon.

Mycelle Love


I am Mychelle, a slightly older BL fan. My love for Boy’s Love dramas started four years ago when I was flipping through Facebook and saw a clip on a drama called Love By Chance. I went to YouTube, found the series, and my love affair began. Although I have watched too many since then, LBC will always be my most favorite. Not only that, but I have also tried my hand at writing about BL’s. Music is also a huge part of my life, as I am Bipolar. So, music is like therapy for me. I am a huge supporter of the LGBTQ community and am always here for anyone who needs support. I believe Love is Love and will always defend this belief.



I am in the sunset of my years with a treasure-trove of reflections about life. Experiencing BLs in a sense gives me an opportunity to relive what might have been, could have been, or perhaps wished it were. Writing about them is like taking a journey through my mind to what the infinite possibilities of love are like. While I cannot physically experience them all, I can still feel them all and write about how they impact me through my own journey to life’s natural conclusion. What a fun ride for me!
(Personal Website- BL Bliss)


Book Reviewer

Love fiction as much as my reality , make threads on books & Asian dramas.

Tanushka Saini


Just trying to write my way through life. It just took one episode of a BL series to have me obsessed with it as a genre. And when BL becomes too heavy for my little heart, I watch my comfort anime for the 10000th time.



I got into BL at a time when I was struggling to accept my own sexuality, and I never could’ve known that reading manga/manhwa at the time would lead to BL being such a big part of my life now. Just starting to traverse the world of acafandom and hoping to get to study the rise of BL fandoms full time!



I was born and raised in Montana and moved the Los Angeles the day the day I finished college. I entered Hollywood’s out and proud music scene when I released my debut album Fall Apart, and my debut music video “Unlock Your Heart” received world-wide accolades.
(Personal Website- Life in Cartoon Motion)

Bryle (stayloki94)


Hello everybody! “I never thought I’d end up becoming a fan of the BL!” I was extremely impacted by the global crisis at that time (the time of pandemic), feeling isolated and alone, until I came across the Boys Love genre. I’m already employed, and BL is where I feel most at ease. I enjoy writing reviews and coming up with arbitrary responses to the various Boys Love episodes I’ve seen. I am a multi-fandom, and you are welcome to be my friend. BL series or movies from PH? TH? JPN? SKR? VIETNAM? USA? Name it! WOW! HAHA! Kidding aside, I am enjoying my life being a BL fan and I love to share my thoughts and positive energy with everyone I encounter

Ideas and Words

Book Reviewer

I’m a not-so-young fangirl who loves stories in all formats. I love watching series, animations, k-dramas and c-dramas and reading books and (all formats) comics! I started my addiction to reading manga and watching anime. Then I discovered the wonderful world of Korean dramas and then Chinese ones. I added to this universe the webtoon, manhwa and manhua and, more recently, I am addicted to light novels and donghuas! Wow, it was really a trip from Japan to Korea and finally to China, and a transformation from analogue to digital. But, nowadays, historical Chinese dramas and BL stories are my cups of tea.
(Personal Website- Ideas and Words)

BL Critic


I stumbled into the BL world one day while scrolling through tiktok videos. It was like walking through the wardrobe and finding myself in Narnia. A world I never thought existed, full of intrigue and wonder. Something that needed to be explored and experienced. Ever since then I’ve been driven by a demon whom no one can neither resist nor understand. And all it wants is one thing, to be the voice that everybody hears when they see the words Boys’ Love.



From Kdrama addict to BL enthusiast. BrightWin opened the door of Y universe for me, with no exit point. Aside from watching the BL series, I also love reading BL novels especially, Chinese BL. It’s a new world for me; even if true love doesn’t exist in my own world, at least, it does in this world!

(Airen is currently on a hiatus)

Vanessa (LenoreAllanPo3)


I’m Vanessa, my love for BL started when I watched “Innocence: Bangkok Love Stories”, was immediately smitten by Max, went and found the rest of his work which included BL’s and then just discovered this whole new world of queer stories that I never imagined existed. Getting into the fandom, I thought it would all be casual viewing, however I soon realised that queer stories are extremely important especially now that there seems to be a rise in puritanical “thought leaders” who push back against queer stories and how people have chosen to tell these stories. I would like to keep my content mostly light-hearted though, a little escape from the doom scrolling we do on a daily basis and occasionally tackle controversial themes in a compassionate and graceful way. I’m quite fierce so I will thwart any trolls. Don’t do it. Love is Love is Love is Love and Protect Trans Lives.

(Vanessa is currently on a hiatus)

Kaila Genevieve

Former Prolifer

I am a newbie in the Y-universe. My initiators into LGBTQ+ romance series/films were the much revered Gallavich and SKAM France. By the time I discovered Asian BL works, I was already tripping hard in the rabbit hole. Be it the flair, antics or drama of the BL industry; on-screen and off – I’m here for it all. Proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community. I love receipts and evidences when it comes to “Ship(s)” and “Fandom” drama. Here at BL Xpress, I bring to you profiles of your favourite BL actors. Stay tuned for updates.

(Kaira is no longer working with us, because of her busy schedule. She will always be dearly missed by the BL Xpress team)

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