“Pastsenger The Series” First Impressions (Ep.1 to 3)

Perhaps the best way to describe how I felt after watching the first three episodes of this brand-new Thai series is “fun-filled jam packed with tons of cutesy scenes.”

Before writing this impression, I was curious to know who the primary characters in this series were, as I didn’t get the chance to watch series’ trailer; having watched the pilot directly. As the primary leads are two of my favorite characters in the BL world, I was even more surprised. The primary characters of this series include Cooper as Kiew from my all-time favorite BL series, My Engineer, and Marc as Bamee, who also happens to be in My Gear and Your Gown. Since I had not anticipated this kind of collaboration, I was initially hesitant to continue the series. But I told myself that I would take the chance nevertheless because I was curious to see if their chemistry is strong.

Let’s start with the first episode —I was surprised by what transpired! I was seated idly, when all of a sudden Kiew and Bamee kiss! Well, I am aware that I gave you a spoiler, but I believe it will work well to keep people invested in what is going to transpire next. I’m not sure if everyone agrees, but I really enjoy the 90s themed vibe of this series. In a sense, it evokes memories. As I hadn’t read the synopsis beforehand, I didn’t anticipate it would involve time travel. I enjoy it more now because I initially believed Bamee to be a boy from the future rather than someone from his past. Similar to the usual 90s soul in me, (who believes that if I were in Kiew’s shoes, I would not know how to deal with the changes in my surroundings), Kiew travels to the future and encounters many new things. The typical premise for Kiew and Bamee’s romance is that they are rivals. The third episode saw more of this kind of interaction. In three episodes itself, a lot has happened. Thankfully, Kiew recognizes some of his old pals in the future.

This series certainly has an excellent pacing as compared to previous shows that employed time travel as a plot device. The smooth passage to the future is made possible by an enormous ancient tree, which serves as Kiew’s doorway. Considering the fact that this show is centered around time travel, I predict that there will be more painful scenes since, as we all know, anything from the past must return to the past. (Except for HIStory 5: Love in the Future, where Johnny Dai refrains from going back in time for a variety of reasons). This formula might lead to two different scenarios: either Kiew will stay in the future and continue his romantic relationship with Bamee, or he will return to the past and have a son that looks like him and be linked to Bamee. Avoid becoming overly dependent on my theories because I am really excited to see how things will develop. All the characters had numerous opportunities for discovering love in the first three episodes. As soon as each character describes their difficulties, the conflict arises, and Bamee’s story begins to take shape. Kiew is right now having trouble alerting Bamee about a young guy who he believes would mislead Bamee, but I have a strong suspicion that he is Bamee’s younger brother.

Bamee and Kiew have had a lot of adorable interactions thus far; I never would have predicted this pairing would be so interesting, but they’ve got me right now! They demonstrated their versatility in terms of roles and establishing synergy. I’m anticipating many wonderful scenes in the future. All the characters are doing a terrific job; the plot is not dragging, and they all act with professionalism. The plot’s presentation and scene placement are both excellent! Even though I may have seen a lot of settings with mainstream themes that take place in schools, I think this one works best for the plot. If you’re going to ask, “Do I recommend this one?” I say, “YES!” I most certainly will! Because the scenes shift regularly, there are never any boring moments. To watch is worth the risk! This is a breath of fresh air!

PS: I have a lot of questions regarding the Bamee house because, if I am not mistaken, it looks a lot like the Tonhon residence from the Plapodd and Khaotung-starred series Tonhon Chonlatee. It genuinely brings back memories!

Rating – 4 out of 5

Streaming on- Gagaoolala


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