“All the Liquors” Series Review (Ep.3 to 8)

The Korean BL All the Liquors has concluded, and with its finale, it has left me feeling comfortable.

Reading that back, it sounds crazy that I’m calling a drama about liquor comforting, but that’s precisely what it is.

Although the drama presented itself early on as an angsty story about two men, handsome chef Park Ki Hoon (Won Do Hyun) and liquor marketing employee Han Ji Yu (Kim Joon Hyung), who have differing views on alcohol, it became immediately apparent that angst wasn’t the actual intention of the series.

Ki Hoon and Ji Yu’s relationship starts awkward and strained but quickly transforms into a consoling friendship centered around food and drink, which eventually eases into a growing attraction.

And that’s where the comfort is: the easing into. There isn’t a lot happening in All the Liquors. The story itself is simple. Two men fall in love over food and drink, and that is the focal point of each episode. The chemistry is good, the food is nostalgic, and the burgeoning relationship is cute.

All the Liquors is a fluff drama with low angst and lots of meandering toward its happy ending. It’s the perfect series for someone looking for a low-key distraction from life, one where there’s no hurry and no big misunderstandings.

It’s a journey about finding courage and admitting when one is wrong. And that in itself is beautiful.

Personally, I need more complexity in the dramas I watch, something nuanced and emotionally layered to keep me invested while guessing and anticipating the next scene. All the Liquors didn’t give me that, but there’s nothing wrong with what they delivered, especially for viewers looking for comfort and courage on screen.

I wonder, however, why they would need eight, fifteen-minute episodes to tell this story when compressing some drawn-out scenes could have compacted it into a fluffy four to six-episode figurative stress ball. Same impact. A lot less time to be distracted by what’s not happening on screen.

All the Liquors is a lovely light respite between heavier, more intense series.

Like having a snack before diving into the entrée or munching on a sweet dessert once the heavier meal is finished.

This series packs a light punch full of good food and courage, the liquid and non-liquid kind.

For a fun, tipsy romantic experience, check out All the Liquors on Gagaoolala and Viki.

Rating- 3.5 out of 5


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