Favorite Japanese BL Dramas- Part II

Japanese BLs are swiftly becoming fan favorites because of their nuanced storytelling and phenomenal casting. Last year, we saw some excellent collaborative work which has raised the standards for BL content. In today’s feature, our authors will be sharing their favorite choices from 2022, meticulous adaptations that were successful globally!

Stayloki94’s Favorites

Hi everyone! It feels great to be back, taking part in our weekly Sunday feature. I must admit, I really enjoy this edition of our feature because we are going to discuss some of my favorite Japanese BL Dramas of 2022.

Let’s go!

The year 2022 has been a major turning point for all Boys Love dramas worldwide because, as this genre becomes more popular, people are increasingly accepting the possibility of love. Last year was a great year for all BL dramas, including some of my absolute favorite masterpieces. Starting with:

A Man Who defies the World of BL 2

Because I watched the first season of this series by chance, I was extremely happy that season two was made available. I just couldn’t get over how season one ended on a cliffhanger. The thing I really admire about this season is how the humor and other humorous elements were subdued to make room for the touching sequences. This time, I had a better understanding of Mob’s personality and how he manages the ongoing influence of males’ affection in his environment. Also, his and Kikuchi’s bond was developed further. The show also shows seamless scene transitions and how each character, including Ayato and Tonjou, has an equal chance to highlight their storyline and have memorable moments. Ultimately, this story will always hold a particular place in my heart. Now that they announced that there will be Season 3, I can almost guarantee that there will be even more entertaining and action-packed stories to come, full of funny sequences that will keep you hooked until the very last episode!

Old Fashion Cupcake

This could be among the most endearing Japanese BL Series I have ever seen. It is not surprising that this series received a lot of positive feedback and received a high rating from all viewers given the excellent narrative and amazing acting. The story of Nozue and Togawa weren’t all that dissimilar from other stories. This is unique because they stress that regret doesn’t necessarily result in a tragic event, but instead serves as a solid basis for additional prospects in the future, including the potential for love. There are many charming sequences, and the photography, OSTs, and even the changeover is all expertly made. I also appreciate how closely it adhered to the manga and didn’t deviate from it, especially considering how beautifully the original material was adapted for the screen.

Even though there are just five episodes in this series, I promise you will be satisfied and happy overall!

Takara Kun and Amagi Kun

Here is my perspective on this series after reading a lot of comments- I genuinely appreciate how serene and leisurely this series is. When I say a situation is slow-paced, I mean that I can reflect on various facets of romantic relationships and life’s problems. Amagi and Takara both have distinctive personalities. This series has the potential to be even better, albeit I haven’t read the manga adaptation yet. The series has a tranquil general vibe, yet you can notice a lighter mood as you watch each episode. The story deals with the societal issues of loving someone of the same gender and how to protect your loved one when your relationship with them is private. Takara and Amagi is the type of notion that I truly enjoy watching in a love story where the other key character must defend his beloved. It’s so cliffhanger filled that I’m honestly unsure if their love story will be continued in another season. If there are more episodes in the series, I believe I’d really like to learn more about each character and how they handle various challenges in life and in love.

Minato’s Laundromat

Minato’s Laundromat is a fantastic series that I have also watched. This is the story of a common person who inherited his grandparents’ coin laundry business. Shin, a high school student who just so happened to swing by the laundry and thought Minato was cute, is the opposite.

The story’s overall effect was that it engaged everyone, especially when we talk about the topic. This specific year’s theme was “age difference,” and Minato and Shin’s age difference is obvious. Along the way of the series, there are numerous twists and surprises. I was hooked by this miniseries, which has plenty of cutesy situations and even love moments. The abundance of humorous scenes in this series will keep you invested. On the other hand, there are a few times where the scenes drag out since the plot keeps revolving as Minato pursues his true identity. Fortunately, Shin was always there to push him to admit how he really felt. It’s like a high school romance where he falls for a man who is older than him. This is a genuine romance that takes place in a coin-laundry shop.

Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice But To Kiss

We are now down to my final favorite BL series from the previous year, Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice But To Kiss. I must admit that after watching the first episode, I quickly signed up for a membership in order to stay in touch and informed about the show’s developments.

This series has had a significant impact on my life; I never imagined that I would fall in love with the leads in such a way due to their absolutely outstanding performances. This is the story of an individual named Fukuhara, who had nothing but poor fortune in his life until he met Shinomiya, a man with great luck, who completely transformed his conditions. When they are able to communicate with one another, their lives begin to take on an unusual character. The fact that Japanese Boys Love series constantly create a distinctive plot is something I really appreciate. Fukuhara, who was resolved to experience good fortune, asked Shinomiya to be his boyfriend with the true aim of joining him in experiencing the luck he had always desired.

Their love journey continues to go through various upheavals, with admirable turns occurring as well. I always make sure that every second counts and that in every romantic scene, I really tried to hide what I truly felt but Shinomiya and Fukuhara really managed to make me feel like I am in love. Out of all the Japanese BL Series shown last year, this one had me on my chair for the entire series. The story is original, and I applaud the use of appropriate camera location and timing in each scene. I had the impression that everyone was witnessing a genuine masterpiece. The portrayal of Fukuhara and Shinomiya is what I adore the most; their chemistry is so strong that you can’t help but experience the same emotions they do whenever they communicate sweetly. What I truly enjoy is this style of Japanese storytelling! It reminds me of Cherry Magic and Keita Hatsukoi, and even as I write this, I’m preparing to revisit this series in light of how much I missed both of them. Although I suppose not everyone would concur that this is the best Japanese BL Series from the previous year, all I can say is, “Try to look at this one, you could find this one fascinating!”

Japan has consistently produced high-caliber dramas; therefore, I am excited about their upcoming series this year as usual.

Sarinpai’s Favorite

Old Fashion Cupcake

I admit a little bit of bias played into this, since I did not watch many of the BL’s that Japan released over the last year. But of the ones I did watch, Old Fashion Cupcake stood out as a clear winner.

The story is relatively simple- 39-year-old Nozue, who also has a sweet tooth he is embarrassed of displaying in public, is having a bit of a mid-life crisis. Into the picture enters Togawa, his junior at work, who is straightforward and seemingly bustling with the self-assurance Nozue lacks. Togawa, in an attempt to boost Nozue’s confidence, starts taking him to popular dessert joints, where their love blooms over the sweet treats.

Their relationship is based on a gentle understanding, and mutual upliftment of each other through words of affirmation and quiet support. Togawa helps Nozue re-learn his outlook on life, something which Togawa himself had learnt from Nozue years prior, and which Nozue seems to have forgotten in the drudgery of life.

It was no surprise to me that I ended up loving this so much. While I also appreciate faster-paced shows for their intensity, the refreshingly slower and mellower storyline was a welcome change. The short run-time is another bonus in this case, making this a perfect watch over an evening to lift your spirits.

We will be back next week with the third edition of this feature. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you more updates from the Asian BL World!


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