“Coffee Shop” Series Review (Ep.1 to 8)

This short series revolves around the coffee barista Boy (Boy Nattapon) from Ghost Host, Ghost House, who will tell your future from the cup you choose. We also get to meet Boy’s ex Tod (Tod Techit) from Ghost Host, Ghost House, and Love Area 2. Each story is unique and very sweet. The camera frequently zooms in on the glass that is chosen, then Boy touches the glass, the resonating smile on his face is an indication that he has seen the future prospects of the person concerned. Boy then explains what he sees and you get to watch if it is true or not.

This show isn’t exactly a favorite of mine for various reasons. It was lovely and cute, just the cringe was more than what I like in a drama. Let’s do an episodic recap-

MOCHA – Two female friends named Best and Matang. Matang had confessed her feelings and Best backed away even though Best likes Matang as well. Does Best finally feel the same as Matang?

COLD BREW – This was about two people who like each other but keep missing their chance to be together. Until they enter the Coffee Shop and the rest is history or is it?

EXPRESSO- Boy’s ex-boyfriend Tod, shows up a few times. Once Tod’s kitten runs into the cafe, and another time, he comes to order a coffee for his work meeting. We eventually find out it was on purpose. Will Tod’s efforts for reconciliation pay off?

AFFOGATTO – Tod finally confesses he came to the coffee shop on purpose to see Boy. Tod still cares about Boy. Boy still cares about him as well. What shall become of this couple?

BLACK COCONUT – Tod’s friend comes to the Coffee Shop and Boy talks to him about the situation he is in. Boy lets this person know that he needs to take the risk and express his feelings. Do we see a happy ending?

FLAT WHITE – Tod’s friend comes in for coffee and fights with Moss, Boy’s assistant. Boy once again tells the fortune and tries to resolve their misunderstandings. Her assistant agrees. What will she decide?

BLACK YUZU- Customer comes in looking sad and saying he never changes and is boring. Boy talks to him about his situation and how to resolve it. Once a person puts his mind to it, things seem to work out, or do they?

IRISH COFFEE- Boy’s friends, Canny and Khamin, are introduced. One was cheated on and the other cheated. Khamin gets upset with Canny’s callous attitude towards relationships. So will these two become a couple?

I like how the name of the “Coffee Selection” becomes the lesson we learn. Just by picking a glass, Boy can understand and help you. Interesting concept. The music was good in each episode. It was subtle but matched the mood of each chapter. I wish it would have been better directed and executed.

When I started watching I was disappointed in the acting as it felt very amateurish, felt like it was too low a budget for this series. As it goes on, it does get better and I must admit it is very cute and sweet, but so much potential was wasted.

This is certainly not on my favorite or even on my rewatch list. Boy and Tod did an excellent job, and the stories were meaningful. Still, it’s just not my cup of tea. You can watch and come to your own conclusion.

Rating- 3 out of 5

Streaming on- Vibie Gen YouTube Channel


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