In Conversation with “2 Worlds” Novelist Prang Author

“DMD Line Up 2023 Into the New Universe” was a rather glitzy, promising affair. The live event etched their future projects in the minds of avid fans, but the show that caught everyone’s attention was- Two Worlds. Penned by popular author, Prang; this upcoming thriller is a fantasy drama set in a parallel universe. Featuring popular BL couple, Max Kornthas & Nat Natasitt in lead roles alongside Gun Thapanawat (Unforgotten Night), this show is already in the limelight because of its succinct storyline and intriguing casting. We sat down for a heart-to-heart with the novelist to learn more about Two Worlds and his upcoming book releases!

1) There is a lot of anticipation surrounding your novel “Two Worlds” which is currently being adapted into a drama series. Can you talk to us about the plot

The story revolves around a man named Kram, who lost his beloved, Phupha, to a mysterious murder. Accidentally, Kram fell into a well that is connected to another world. In this parallel universe, he discovers that Puhpha was still alive, but unfortunately, Phupha does not recognize Kram and perceives him as an adversary.

2) The concept of “Parallel Universe” is getting quite popular these days. The recently concluded Thai BL, “609 Bedtime Story”, was based on the same. Why did you choose this trope as the main theme for “Two Worlds”?

About 10 years ago, after watching the TV series “Fringe,” which featured characters traveling between two worlds, I wondered what it would be like if two men from different dimensions fell in love. I pondered which one I would choose to stay with and how difficult it would be to accept the fact that I would have to let the other go. With this theme in mind, I believed that it would make a good mysterious, romantic, and dramatic story. I took it upon myself to write this story, and it has since become my favourite.

3) Popular BL couple, Max Kornthas & Nat Natasitt will be playing the main leads, Kram and Tai? Can you give us a rough character sketch? Also, what is your opinion about these two actors?

Kram was an ordinary man who had faced many challenges in life. Despite this, his natural appearance, kindness, and humility attracted people to him. Kram was protective of his loved ones and made a conscious effort to avoid causing hurt or conflict with those around him.

Tai is an heir to a gang leader who has spent his life on the dark side and never knew what real love was until he met Kram. Kram was like a ray of sunshine that brought a new meaning to his life, and Tai tried to do everything to protect Kram because he couldn’t bear the thought of anything happening to Kram. Kram is Tai’s entire world.

My opinion about the cast is that Max and Nat’s appearances are really close to the characters. Despite Max’s lighter skin compared to Tai’s in the novel, I think they will be able to portray the roles well. The audience may easily believe that they are actually Tai and Kram. The workshop will make them even more perfect for the roles, and I’m so excited to see them in the series.

4) Gun Thapanawat will be portraying the character role of Phupha. What kind of possible romance could occur between Phupha and Kram?

Phupha was Kram’s lover who passed away, so the bond between them was very strong. The question is: is Tai’s love powerful enough to break this bond, and in the end, who will be the one for Kram? Let’s find out together in the series.

5) Were you involved in the casting process for Two Worlds? How did you come into contact with the respective production house and proceed with the negotiations?

I was not involved in the casting process, but I did participate by giving recommendations about the plot and characters.

I’ve known James (one of the producers) since 2021, when he reviewed 2Worlds the novel on his YouTube channel and loved the story so much. One year later, he told me that P’Khet (the other producer) was interested in the story and wanted to make it into a TV series. Because of his strong proposal and their experience, I agreed to sign the contract almost immediately.

6) We would also love to hear about your latest novel, “The Viraler”. Can you share more details about the storyline and the main protagonists?

The name of my new novel is ‘The Viraler.’ The story is about a YouTuber named Kin, who has to work with a criminal named Sun in order to find interesting online content and recover Kin’s company from bankruptcy.

7) You are quite active in your social media accounts? Do you enjoy interacting with your readers as well as the fans of your book adaptations?

Writing fiction is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had, so I’m thrilled when readers or audiences show an interest in my work.

8) What is your opinion about the current status of LGBTQ representation in BL novels? Do you feel that the BL genre is adequately representing them?

While the BL genre may not be perfect in its representation of LGBTQ+ individuals, it has contributed to larger cultural discussions about LGBTQ+ issues and identities. In some countries, such as Thailand, we can see that LGBTQ+ individuals are more accepted than in the past, which is a good sign of progress towards gender equality.

9) Are any other of your novels in the process of being adapted into TV series? If yes, please share more details about them?

2Worlds is the only novel that has been adapted into a TV series. Hopefully, ‘The Viraler’ will be the second one.

10) What are you working on right now? Talk to us about your future BL novels?

I’m working on “The Viraler”, which may take me one or two years to finish because the plot and characters are so complicated. After finishing The Viraler, I will write my third novel, called The Reign. I have the complete plot in mind, but I expect it to be the most difficult novel I’ve ever written because it’s historical and more fantastical than 2Worlds. Maybe it will take me another two years to finish The Reign.

I have to tell you that I cannot write any of my novels without the support of my readers. Thank you so much for encouraging me and being so supportive throughout my work.

The BL Xpress would like to thank Prang Author for this opportunity!


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