Everything You Need to Know About “Immortality” Star Chen Fei Yu’s Scandal

Chen Fei Yu (English name: Arthur) is a Chinese American actor, singer and assistant director. He is the son of popular director Chen Kaige and actress Chen Hong. Chen Fei Yu has starred in several Chinese Dramas and Movies, he is most well-known for his role as Li Xun in Lighter and Princess. His upcoming series “Immortality’ is one of the most anticipated bromance dramas of 2023. Aside from his work in television, Chen Fei Yu is also known as a “traffic idol”, a term coined in China used to describe fresh faced male/female celebrities who often front campaigns for beauty brands. He is the current brand ambassador for Dior in China.

On February 13th 2023 a paparazzi gossip site called “Chao Neng She Ying Yang” released compromising images of the 22-year-old actor in bed with Chinese online influencer Shi Yi Lin A. According to the site, Shi Yi Lin A led one of Chen Fei Yus fan clubs and the two have been in a relationship since 2021. Netizens were shocked because the lady in question was married early last year, leaving them to wonder if this was an extra marital affair. Of course the first question to be asked was “who leaked the pictures?” and sadly the pictures presumably originated from Shi Yi Lin A herself. Whether the leak was intentional or unintentional remains to be seen. In the pictures Chen Fei Yu appears to be sleeping and unaware that someone was photographing him. Rumors of alleged extortion and blackmail are flying over social media but nothing has been proven yet and no legal action has been taken by both parties.

Chen Fei Yu’s management company swiftly released a statement admitting that the star indeed engaged in a relationship with the lady in question, but at the time the pictures were taken both of them were single, and the relationship did not continue past her marriage to her current husband. The statement asked that the public cease disseminating the actors private photos as it is an invasion of their privacy and to please delete all defamatory remarks made against him. Shi Yi Lin A released a similar statement confirming the facts above. Despite Chen Fei Yus management team clarifying the facts of the incident there has been widespread backlash and fan outrage against him. Fans predict this may lead to cancellation of his current and future projects as his behavior is seen as immoral. Currently there is a huge question mark on whether the movie “Yesterday Once More” and “Black Lotus Tactics Manual” will be released.

Idols such as Chen Fei Yu who have millions of followers rely heavily on their fan bases to support and consume products and services which they promote. China’s idol economy is worth over $700 billion and they expect it to grow even more this year. Brands want idols to continuously increase their following in order to increase sales, and right now only 24 hours after the incident Chen Fei Yu has lost over 200K followers on Weibo. Your image an idol is expected to be youthful and chaste in the public eye, fans expect their favorite stars to behave ethically and with restraint, some even use the word “virginal”. These pictures that have been leaked are painting Chen Fei Yu in a different light and thus could actually affect his earning power. Dior has yet to comment on the issue. We will keep you updated as more facts develop.

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