Best Friendships in the BL World- Part III

Friendships in the BL/GL world are mostly described by the warm, fuzzy feelings that we relate to when the main leads have supportive friends. People who stand by them through thick and thin, to tide them over. Although this relationship is underrated, often it’s the “Friend’s Gang” that drive the narrative forward. They are straightforward, offer undulating advice and variable perspectives. In today’s feature, we will be exploring such intriguing friendships, the ones that spoke to us in their own unique ways!

Krishna Naidu’s Favorites

Gun, My School President

The whole world is applauding Tiw for being an awesome friend, but we tend to forget that there is another gem in the midst of this school romance. And that’s Gun- band leader, absolute cutie and a true friend. The loyalty he commands is well deserved; Gun might seem like a pushover (which was initially the reason for his discord with Sound), but he isn’t. He listens to his friends, seeks their opinion and makes a measured decision. He never imposes or opposes, but tends to act as a silent supporter. His mature approach is evident in the way he helps his friends; it could be the instance when he helps Yo reconcile with his girlfriend or when he supports Sound through his difficult times. Gun is a gentleman but more than that, he is a good friend (no wonder Tinn is so whipped for him).

Manow, Team and Pharm, UWMA/Between Us

One of the best friendships of all times, these three have been through a lot. From supporting Pharm when he was facing his “Red Thread” trials to wholeheartedly embracing Team through his mental breakdowns, these three have been a rock for each other. I adored their friendship in UWMA when Team and Manow helped Pharm come to terms with his feelings for Dean. Stepping into the same construct, Pharm and Manow extend their support to Team when he faces the demons in his past while accepting his love for Win. There are very few friendships that have stood the test of time; but Team, Pharm and Manow are special. They understand and empathize with each other, are supportive and also emotionally connected.

Dean and Win, UWMA/Between Us

This is another strong friendship, but unlike our adorable trio (Team/Pharm/Manow), Win and Dean aren’t warm or fuzzy. They tend to swear and show their love via backhanded comments. But they care about each other. It could be in the instances when Dean seeks Win’s advice while handling his complex emotions for Pharm; or the scenes where he helps Win decipher his confused feelings. They are each other’s safe house and, being introverts, they rarely express themselves; but their concern for each other is genuine and heartwarming.

Tee, Jim and Kade, Gap The Series

What can you do when your best friend is basically royalty, is a social recluse and oblivious to the ways of love? You band together and deliver love to her doorstep. That’s exactly what Tee, Jim and Kade do for Lady Sam. One of the most endearing friendships in the recent times, this trio are loud, weird and absolutely crazy. But the one thing that connects is their genuine love and affection for Sam. Despite her grumpy exterior and oblivious nature; Tee, Jim and Kade have been Sam’s lifelong anchor. They are the people who keep her sane (when you have a devious grandmother, you need all the support) and pave the way for her impossible romance with Mon. I just love them!

The Iron Triangle, Ultimate Note

You can’t be talking about friendships without mentioning “The Iron Triangle”. Our tragic trio- Wu Xie, Zhang Qiling and Fatty Wang, are incomplete without each other. And although, PingXie tend to steal the limelight with their beautiful romance, it doesn’t undermine Fatty Wang’s importance in the story. Their lives are intricately woven together and they don’t work in each other’s absence. With Zhang’s random missing acts, Fatty Wang takes over the job of protecting Wu Xie. Although Zhang is reserved and tends to be overprotective of Wu Xie, he is also cares a lot about Fatty Wang. This is one of the most long-lasting friendships in the BL world, portrayed by different actors in variable adaptations, but the crux remain the same- Wu Xie, Zhang and Fatty Wang are the strongest when they are together.

Kuea & Diao, Cutie Pie & Cutie Pie 2 You

Extending over two seasons, one of the most endearing aspects of this storyline is Kuea’s strong friendship with Diao. Both of them are in similar situations; they have dominant better halves who normally don’t listen to reason. While supporting each other choices, Kuea and Diao always stand beside each other. Diao offers his unsolicited advice whenever Kuea is confused or hesitant about making major decisions in his life. They are sweet together and I’m pretty sure that there are fans who ship them together; that’s how good their chemistry is. Definitely an adorable duo!

Chu Ying & Shi Guang, Hikaru No Go

Hikaru No Go chronicles main lead Shi Guang’s impossible journey as he morphs from an irresponsible kid to world class Go player. And supporting him on this journey is his best friend/mentor, the ancient spirit-Chu Ying. Although their relationship begins as a deal (because in his spirit form, Chu Ying is unable to lift the Go stones), it slowly and eventually blossoms into a strong friendship. They respect each other’s choices and, despite eons separating them; they connect in a unique way. Apart from being his constant supporter, Chu Ying is also a major “GuangLiang” shipper and actively sails their ship. This friendship is endearing, and it broke my heart when Chu Ying disappeared, leaving Shi Guang behind.

Seeiw and Cake, My Only 12 %

You are blessed if you end up with your best friend as your life partner. They not only know your strengths, but also your flaws. They accept you wholeheartedly, are closest to your heart and know you inside out. The romance in My Only 12% hinges on this promise; main leads Seeiw & Cake are childhood friends. They grew up together and have essentially spent their entire lives together. So, although a brief separation stirs the friendship into a different direction, the fact remains that they are best friends first, lovers later.

SlimFastZombie’s Favorites

Best Friends can be childhood friends who know all your secrets, or people you just meet and feel connected to. The amount of time you spend with the person determines how much of them you get to see in real. It goes both ways, but in BLs; we are generally privy to one side of the story.

Saymork & Aey, Lovely Writer

In 2021’s “Lovely Writer” that’s the case for Saymork and Aey. Two friends who have seen the best and worst of each other. Aey and his machinations for the main couple might have gotten the most screen time. But we are given small vignettes of just their friendship, that made me appreciate them. There was Saymork trying to be a good friend to Aey, who doggedly proceeds with his plans in spite of Saymork’s warnings. Even while facing his father who treats him cruelly, Saymork is always there to support him emotionally. But what made these two memorable for me? Throughout Aey’s toxic moments trying to get another guy, Saymork was there for him.

King & Shogun, Hit Bite Love The Series

King and Shogun from 2023’s “HitBiteLove The Series” are my current favorite. Bear in mind, the abrupt way these characters interact on-screen implies a deeper level of intimacy. But the show never explains how they know each other, just that they are friends. Seeing the way King supports and emotes over Shogun’s explaining about his toxic relationship was both sweet and endearing. King, by comparison to the other characters, has had a rough life but doesn’t dwell on the circumstances. Bringing Shogun to his house and listening to his problems was so sweet. They are my favorite ghost ship!

We will be back with an exciting new feature next weekend. Till then, keep watching this space as we bring you updates from the BL world!


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    In 2021’s “Lovely Writer” that’s the case for Saymork and Aey. Two friends who have seen the best and worst of each other. Aey and his machinations for the main couple might have gotten the most screen time. But we are given small vignettes of just their friendship, that made me appreciate them.


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