“Hit Bite Love” First Impressions (Ep. 1 & 2)

Thai BL’s have come a long way after years of using the “Medical Students and Engineers” archetypes to summarize both characters as encompassing a BL couple. From 2022, these attempts seem to be abandoned, in favor of more unique characters. Which is very much the case with Jinloe’s new BL, “Hit Bite Love – The Series”. Jinloe is a production company known for “What The Duck”, “What The Duck : Final Call”, and “War of High School”. “Hit Bite Love – The Series” has a large cast drawing attention to the troupes that we, as viewers, enjoy; while acknowledging that sex sells, a fact that can be both good and bad for the show. The first episode has as of today 1.2 million views, while the second episode has over four hundred thousand views within a day of airing. I don’t think the fact that the first episode having two illicit scenes, one of which is featured as the YouTube thumbnail, had nothing to do with the explosive numbers of views world wide. But is “Hit Bite Love – The Series” worth a glance? Find out below.

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