“The New Employee” Series Review (Ep.3 to 7)


This is precisely what the Korean BL The New Employee starring Moon Ji Yong as loveable virgin intern Seung Hyun and Kwon Hyuk as the tsundere boss attracted to him offers viewers. And it never deviates.

From the very first episode, this office romance series remains refreshingly entertaining and adorably romantic.

While there’s nothing especially deep or profound in the series, what makes it stand out isn’t the storyline, it’s what the story never shies away from. It isn’t often we see a BL about gay men and women embracing being gay. The New Employee delivers just that.

Rather than focus on the characters’ sexualities, it feeds us a fun romantic comedy about falling in love while struggling to enter the workforce with leads who happen to be gay. The angst is minimal. The obstacles between our two leads are quickly overcome. The communication is fairly straightforward.

And that’s what makes The New Employee feel profound.

The deep friendships, strong relationships, and fast pace results in a series that is easy to follow and fun to get lost in.

While I often prefer emotional, angsty, and dark stories, I am always on the lookout for a light watch that manages to feel full. The New Employee provided a full experience, from the acting to the chemistry, and especially, to the acceptance.

Because what this show does best is accept itself. It accepts its gay characters, and it accepts that what it wants to do is provide a fun experience.

Told from alternating points of view, viewers are offered the chance to experience love for the first time with intern Seung Hyun and love after many relationships with his boss Jong Chan.

From starting their relationship off by doing everything wrong only to realize later they both could’ve handled it better to the “you hang up first” giddy sweetness in a new relationship, The New Employee shines.

It says, “Let’s give you pure Seung Hyun sunshine smiles inside a cutthroat workplace trying to bring him down, and then seal everything with a kiss from the protective boss who falls in love with him.”

I smiled. I laughed. I felt my heart race.

I highly recommend it.
Adapted from the web novel of the same name by Moscareto, The New Employee is a well-paced workplace drama that accepts itself and promises interesting relationships and wonderful chemistry. Check it out now on Viki and Gagaoolala.

Rating- 4 out of 5

Official link of the Webtoon- Here

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