Upcoming Asian BL Dramas – Part II

February came with a lot of surprises. Firstly, Devonte296 series “The Promise” was postponed to March. Thai projects “Destiny Seeker”, “Moments of Love” and “Café in Love” were released, but much to our disappointment they weren’t made available to International fans. Domundi aired “Our winter” with 1-minute-long episodes, while Japan delivered the scintillating “Jack o’ Frost”. Korea adapted “To My Star 2” into a movie that’s 4.5 hours long and the first virtual reality BL series was released. All in all, it was a great month with at least 15 new projects to add to our roster. So what’s next you ask? Keep reading!

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Favorite Thai BL Dramas (2022)- Part II

2022 was a phenomenal year in terms of production and even though the Thai shores were flooded with BL content, the memorable ones were few and far between. In today’s feature, our authors will be talking about the shows that made them laugh or cry, in short, the ones that left a deep impression on their psyche!

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In Conversation with “2 Worlds” Novelist Prang Author

“DMD Line Up 2023 Into the New Universe” was a rather glitzy, promising affair. The live event etched their future projects in the minds of avid fans, but the show that caught everyone’s attention was- Two Worlds. Penned by popular author, Prang; this upcoming thriller is a fantasy drama set in a parallel universe. Featuring popular BL couple, Max Kornthas & Nat Natasitt in lead roles alongside Gun Thapanawat (Unforgotten Night), this show is already in the limelight because of its succinct storyline and intriguing casting. We sat down for a heart-to-heart with the novelist to learn more about Two Worlds and his upcoming book releases!

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The heart behind Moonlight Chicken

The world is complex, divided by generations and full of diverse dreams, ideas, relationships and socioeconomic situations. Although there are barriers between us–language, time zones, territorial boundaries–there is something much bigger than all of this that brings us together: humanity. We are all human. We are all emotional. We are all struggling to survive on the same planet.

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Beyond the Evil, There is Love

The Korean drama Beyond Evil is a fascinating study of human character, identity, trust, and loss. From how Jin-muk strips his victims of their identities by removing their fingerprints (then ironically returning them to where they ‘belong’) to the loss of self each of the characters goes through to discover what they’re capable of, Beyond Evil questions ‘self’ and the ‘reflections of ourselves.’ It takes a town and everyone in it, turns it upside down, and then forces them to look at and question themselves and each other. It takes morality and immorality and squares them off.

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Favorite Thai BL Dramas (2022)

2022 was a succinct mix-up of phenomenal dramas strung together with some “Not So Good Ones”. We saw some excellent directives bought to life by nuanced actors who delivered praiseworthy performances. In today’s feature, we will be exploring such gems from the Thai BL industry!

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