Upcoming Asian BL Dramas- Part I

With the Boys Love universe growing every day it can be difficult to decide what to watch amongst the new and returning shows. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together an impressive list of some top-notch Boys Love television shows that are sure not to disappoint! There’s a little something here to suit everybody’s taste.

Jack Frost “ジャックフロ スト”

MBS, the production house behind “Eternal Yesterday”, “Candy Color Paradox” and “Takara Kun to Amagi kun” is set to release its first original BL series from up and coming film directors Yuka Yasukawa and Meigetsu Takahashi Starring Kyoya Honda and Kosuke Suzuki.


Ritsu is an illustrator with a natural and bright personality. He lives with his boyfriend Ikuya, a stationery salesman with a healthy personality. After saying goodbye to each other one day Ritsu gets into an accident and loses his memories of Ikuya. Ikuya struggles to rebuild their relationship and Ritsu, attracted to his kindness, falls in love with him again. They decide to go on a journey to regain his memories.

Premiere Date: February 16 on MBS (Japan)

International Viewers stay tuned for more details

Bed Friend “อย่าเ ย่ ล่นล่ กับอนล”

Net Siraphop and James Supamongkon gained popularity this past year after playing a few support roles. Their chemistry was hard to ignore, so it was no surprise to anyone when Domundi announced that they would be starring in two DMD original series this year. Cheewin Thanamin is the director behind this series, he’s worked on a lot of great projects including “Secret Crush On You” and “Lovesick The Series”


King and Uea work in the same office, Uea is a very private person with a strong dislike for playboys while King is the ultimate playboy. On the surface they don’t seem to get along but they do share a friend, Jade. Circumstances push them to start a mutually beneficial relationship, strictly physical, no emotions and way too many rules. But how long can they keep it up before they start to develop real feelings for each other.

Premiere Date: February 18th on Mandee YouTube Channel and Channel One31.

Chains of Heart “ตรวนธรณ”

This story is based on the novel of the same name by TJ Tommys and will star Haii Sarunsathorn (Thanrntype 2) and Kut Tanawat. This show has been in the works since 2021 but presumably funding has delayed its release. It will have a total of 10 episodes and is Rated R for a more mature audience.


Ken and Din have been in a relationship for seven years. Things turn sour when Din, through his duties as a forestry officer, gets involved with a gang of illegal smugglers. They try to get away but are eventually cornered and fall from a steep cliff. Several months later Ken wakes up to find Din is not by his side. The years go by and life seems to return to normal until one night a stranger appears who has a striking resemblance to his former lover.

Premiere Date: February 18 in Thailand on Channel 3HD.

International release: February 19 on Gagaoolala.

Egoist “エゴイスト”

Adapted from the autobiographical novel “Egoist” by Takayama Makoto, this Japanese movie stars Suzuki Ryohei and Miyazawa Hio. Originally released in October 2022 at the Tokyo International Film Festival, Egoist was well received by critics and has already been nominated for several awards.


Egoist explores contemporary gay love in Japan. The film follows the relationship between Kosuke, a successful magazine editor, and Ryuta, his youthful gym trainer. The attraction between them is evident from the beginning though Ryuta initially hesitates to commit to Kosuke because he performs sex work on the side. Eventually Kosuke manages to persuade him to begin a relationship but there remains an undercurrent of inequality due to their differences in financial capabilities.

Premiere Date: February 10th in Japan Cinemas.

International Fans stay tuned for further information.

Official Trailer-

Moonlight Chicken “พระจันทจั ร์มัร์นไ มั ก’’

One of the most anticipated series of the year is Part III of GMMTV’s Midnight Series, “Moonlight Chicken”. Starring everybody’s favorite GMMTV ships EarthMix, KhaotungFirst and FourthGemini. From the names alone it’s easy to see why fans can’t wait.


It portrays the story of Jim, an ordinary guy who sells Hainanese chicken rice for a living. His life changes when he meets and sleeps with Wen, a drunk customer in his restaurant. What was supposed to be a one-night stand becomes complicated when the two of them can’t stop thinking about each other, creating feelings that are hard to understand. More so for Wen because he is in a serious relationship with Alan. None of their lives are the same after that.

Premiere Date: February 8 on Disney Plus Hotstar and GMMTV YouTube Channel.

Official Trailer-

Boy Band

World Star Network in collaboration with Avex Pictures have put together this project starring Jaymin and Zubom of XI, Art Pakpoom et al.


Picture different people from different backgrounds with one thing in common, their dreams of becoming stars. To be in the number one Boy Band they had to have all the skills; singing, dancing, acting and most importantly the looks. They all lost something along the way, be it love, relationships, friendships and even privacy, but a price must be paid. It required talent, dedication, time and energy. Along the way many people gave up or were eliminated. There were some who took shortcuts and some who fought all the way. This is their story.

Premiere Date: February 16 on GMM25

International fans stay tuned for further information.

Official Trailer-

Marry My Dead Body “: 關於我和⻤變成家⼈的那件事”

MMDB is a Taiwanese supernatural comedy mystery film which was originally released last year at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. The movie is directed by Chen Wei-Hao and stars Greg Hsu, Austin Liu and Gingle Wang.


Wu Ming Han, a homophobic and ghost-phobic straight policeman mistakenly picks up a red envelope while investigating a case. The envelope turns out to be a marriage proposal from Mao Mao, a man who had just died under suspicious circumstances. A string of bad luck follows Ming Han until he accepts the proposal and marries Mao Maos ghost. The two embark on a journey of absurdity working together to solve the mystery behind Mao Mao’s accident and avenging his death.

Premiere Date: February 10th in Taiwan Cinemas.

International fans stay tuned for further information.

Official Trailer-

The Promise “สัญญา สั – ไม่ลืม่ มลื”

Devonte296 will release the sequel to Phupha Namfah sometime before valentine’s day. The two-episode prequel aired last year November and was well received by viewers resulting in the filming of this series starring Kun Kittikun as Phupha and Kiak Wattikorn as Nanfah.


Phuphah and Namfah have been best friends since childhood. They made a promise to never leave each other’s side. And while Phuphas feelings for Namfah are blatantly clear, Namfah seems unsure of where he stands emotionally. Nonetheless they keep to their promise sticking to each other’s side until one day just before graduation Phupha disappears leaving only a note and flowers with a special meaning. Namfah, failing to understand why Phupha left him dedicates the next 9 years of his life trying to find him with no luck. Just when he decides to give up and move on Phupha suddenly appears. And that’s where “The Promise” will pick up. As to what happens next you just have to watch to find out.

Premiere Date: Unknown on Devonte296 Youtube Channel.

Moments of Love the Movie “รักแรั ค่ไหนใ ค่ ห้แห้ ค่นั้ค่ นั้นั้”

Moments of Love was originally a series but after unexplained delays and changes in actors and directors, Golf Tanwarin Sukkhapisit (The Eclipse Series, 609 Bedtime Story) announced that she would be taking over the project and it will be released as a movie instead. The film aired in Thailand cinemas last month and will now be having its international release.

Synopsis: The movie has four separate stories.

My Ex-Boyfriend: At the end of high school Fourth confessed his feelings to his close friend Non. Non didn’t feel the same way so Fourth accepted the heart break and moved on. After Non enters university his feelings about his friend begin to change and he decides to tell Fourth how he feels, but is Fourths heart still in the same place.

My Heartless Boy: Fort works as an extra, persistently auditioning for bigger roles and never booking them. Fortunately, he has Pie always waiting by his side to encourage him. Pie has feelings for Fort but Fort is still heartbroken from his past relationship.

My Lovely Tutor: When nineteen-year-old Pun has to repeat grade twelve, his parents hire handsome fourth-year university student Get to tutor him. However, Pun’s after love rather than knowledge.

My Crazy Romance: Smart and James met at a tumultuous transition period of James’ life. Smart tries everything to make James feel better about himself, but James is stuck in his suffering. Smart can do nothing but go along with it and increase his efforts.

Premiere Date: February 14 – No Details on Channel yet.

Stay tuned for further information.

Official Trailer-

My Beautiful Man “Utsukushi Kare” Season 2

Model, Actor and Singer Yusei Yagi stars alongside Riku Hagiwara in the sequel to popular Japanese BL series “My Beautiful Man”. After gaining international attention and winning several awards MBS made the decision to film two sequels, a 6 episode second season which will air this February and a movie which will air in April.


Season 2 picks up a few years after the events of season 1. Hira is in his fourth year at university and Kiyoi is struggling every day as a new actor. The two have finally become lovers and are living together at Hiras house. However, Hira’s obsession with Kiyoi remains unchanged. He results to disguising himself to follow Kiyoi around without being detected while his classmates are busy searching for internships and planning their futures.

Premiere Date: February 7 on MBS/TBS/Hulu Japan

Official Trailer- 

Tin Tem Jai “ติณติ ณ์เณ์ต็มใจ”

“MFlowEntertainment” the company which produced “Ai Long Nhai the Series” is releasing another BL starring Run Kantheephop as Park and Tiger Aekapol as Tin.


Tin has been in love with Park for as long as he can remember. The crush is bordering on an obsession. He does everything to get Parks attention, no matter how rude Park is or how many times he gets rejected. Park on the other hand is indifferent towards Tin, never seeing him as more than just the kid on the block. Can Tin change his mind? Or will he give up.

Premiere Date: February 27 on Channel3HD uncut on IQIYI.

Official Trailer-

Keep watching this space as we bring you further updates about Boys’ Love dramas from all over the Asian Subcontinent!

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