Follow Up on the Controversy between Mr. Build Jakapan and Poi Patchayamon

It’s been about a week since Miss Patchayamon Theewasujaroen (Poi) one of the authors of KinnPorsche the novel broke her silence and exposed beloved Be On Cloud Actor Build Jakapan as an abuser. A revelation which caused a ripple effect in Build’s life. First he was suspended from all BOC activities, then he was dropped as a spokesperson by two major brands, and most recently he was excluded from the KinnPorsche world tour appearance in Hong Kong. The hate from fans has been overwhelming with the hashtag “BuiIsAnAbuser” trending for days on end, forcing Mr. Jakapan to delete his entire social media presence. Now while the evidence against Build is glaring, a shadow of doubt has been cast upon Miss Patchayamon. This is mainly due to inconsistencies in her story. Facts have been distorted, posts have been deleted and fans have begun to wonder if everything Poi was alleging is actually true.

Fearing that the truth would be distorted, Be On Cloud decided to hold a live press conference on Saturday January 28th, 2023 in which both parties would clarify the facts of the case. But just a day before the event Miss Patchayamon announced that she would no longer be taking part. There was no reason given for her absence but BOC respected her decision not to be present and announced Build would go forward alone. At the press conference Build’s fans were dismayed to find out that he had officially resigned from Be On Cloud and will continue to fight this case personally in court. He stated that he allegations made against him were affecting his camp, his family, and his fellow actors. He doesn’t wish for those close to him to be impacted any more than they already have, and this has prompted his decision to permanently leave Be On Cloud. He believes in the end the truth will out.

“I will fight for those I love and those who still love me, those who believe in me, for my family and myself” -Build Jakapan

As of now Miss Patchayamon has not made a statement but we will keep you updated as the facts develop. We wish them both the best of luck as the case goes to court.

Official Statement released by Be On Cloud related to Build Jakapan’s suspension from work-

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