“Home Par” Movie Review

This is an excellent example of what you can do when you have a robust focus on a story to tell even within a short time frame. This gay short film is all of 22+ minutes long and has a powerful message. What is that message? Determination and Acceptance.

Fab (Airman Haikal) is a plus sized gender fluid individual who talks her way into a Home Par. (I must confess I had no idea what a ‘home par’ was and for me the whole concept was unique). In this case, it is a private party financed by an obviously rich individual and filled with rather Adonis-like young men in speedos. And it is very exclusive. Fab manages the impossible by using her connection to one of the participants named Mark (Ryan Ang) to talk her way in. Initially uncomfortable with her ‘crashing’ the party, Mark’s perception of her is that she does not ‘fit’ in. A bit comical if it were not so serious, as she does not feel that way about herself. Essentially fostering discrimination within a minority that has long been discriminated against by society, now it is their turn to define norms. Fab, through sheer persuasion and tenacity, legitimately makes Mark understand that is their friendship not worth so much more than merely the physicality of their bodies.

In an unexpected twist, the party’s mastermind and sponsor, Alex (Bhas Karan), becomes intrigued with Fab. He is visibly upset and appalled by the actions of his bouncer in his disgusting treatment of her. What happened makes Alex recognize the discrimination against her merely because she is ‘different’ and also the courage that Fab displays to break down the barriers of arrogance is exemplary. He begins to see that everyone should have a place at the welcoming table and what could happen when we begin to exclude and narrow our definition of normalcy. He agrees wholeheartedly with her and, perhaps to some degree, is turned on by her straightforwardness.

There is a profound message here. The perception of gayness is not the reality. Our image is one of inclusion, yet we too have streaks of discrimination almost inherent in us. We define for us what is ‘beautiful’ and tend to reject what is not. This short snippet jolts us back to a reality that we, a chosen minority and more importantly a ‘family’, must learn to bring anyone into our circle if we truly want to be and feel accepted. If we can not accept the minorities within our own forced minority status, then we are no better than the majority who try to define us. Surely our tent is large enough. Surely, our acceptance is deep enough to extend to those who want to join us. To those who are more like us than unlike us- let us say and intimate with sincerity – ‘Welcome’. This short gay video does exactly that.

Simply beautiful and worthy of your time.

Rating 4.9 out of 5

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