“Be On Cloud” 2023 Lineup

Following the success of “KinnPorsche The Series” there has been a lot of pressure on Be On Cloud to produce other projects equally as good. While some fans demanded a continuation of the same project, others thought that KinnPorsche is perfect as is and should remain untouched and unaltered forever in our memories. One thing is for sure, Be On Cloud has remained tight lipped about their 2023 project lineup with no hints given whatsoever on what we can expect. But with a roster of A-list actors we are sure they won’t disappoint.

The event itself was organized as a talk show with beloved Thailand presenter Woody Vuthithorn Milintachinda as the host. He was joined on-stage by Be On Cloud Executive Pond Krisda Witthayakhajorndet who begged the audience to keep an open mind because the lineup was not typically what other production companies do. This was in reference to them not releasing any full pilot trailer and keeping an air of mystery around all their projects. All the Be On Cloud artists were in attendance taking center stage in the packed arena as their four major projects for 2023 were announced and updates about their upcoming concerts were given. Hang onto your hats and read on for BOC’s 2023 lineup:

1. The Hidden Character (THC)

Up first was THC, Be On Clouds first ever reality show. Set to premiere in April 2023. The show will have a total of 9 participants, including 3 familiar faces and 6 new faces. The participants will be competing for a chance to star in an upcoming original BOC series, going through an assortment of activities including showcasing their talent in front of a national producer. The audience will decide who should be paired with whom through a voting system and ultimately the winners will become BOC’s next stars. The plot might sound familiar as Thailand’s recently concluded “War of Y” series Part III followed a similar storyline but this will be the real thing. Real actors, performing in front of a real audience in order to stand a chance to win a prize of a lifetime.

2. Wuju Bakery (우주 빵집)

Next we take a dive into the supernatural with Wuju Bakery. A collaboration between Be On Cloud and Korean based company A-Plan International. A-Plan is collaborating with more and more Thailand based companies on projects such as Why R U Korean remake, Eccentric Romance, Love Is Like a Cat and Our Winter. Wuju Bakery is described as a supernatural romantic comedy starring Jeff Satur and Barcode Tinnasit. The series will start filming halfway through the year and is set to be released in the second half of 2023. Not a lot of details were given about the series only that Jeff will be playing an alien who develops a relationship with a baker. In the interview Jeff stated that the role was very challenging. Fans are already likening this show to popular Korean series “My Love from The Star”.

3. 4 Minutes

If you are an avid Boys Love fan, then you know that when you hear the name Sammon then you are about to witness greatness. Sammon is the writer behind some of the most successful Boys Love novels and series out there. Manner of Death, Triage and upcoming Euthanasia are just a few names that come to mind when you think of Sammon. And judging by the success of those series “4 Minutes” will be no different. Starring Bible Wichapas Sumettikul and Build Jakapan Puttha, 4 Minutes was the most well received project at today’s event. The popularity of the lead actors, the talent of the writer and the intrigue behind the teaser were enough to set the name trending for hours. The series depicts an existing relationship between two men and the time that they experience but never actually think of. The tone of the series is sweet and bitter and will delve into their deep connection. “It’s all about human perspective” says writer Sammon. 4 Minutes will be released in the last quarter of this year and other BOC artists expected to be in the series are Perth Nakhun, Us Nititorn, Nodt Nutthasid, Jeff Staur and JJ Chalach although in what capacity that remains to be seen.

4. Man Suang (แมนสรวง)

Man Suang was first announced at a KinnPorsche concert last year. The reception was good as it meant everybody’s favorite couple Mile and Apo would be back on our screens. Man Suang is a historical Drama written by Yokee Apirak and Pond Krisda. It is an original BOC film about the connection between a Thai traditional dancer, a drummer and a Royal. The movie will star Apo Nattawin, Mile Phakphum, Tong Thanayut and Bas Asavapatr. Apo stated that although the role requires him to learn a lot he is proud to play the part as his dream has always been to spread the Thai culture. The dances and other art displayed in this movie are something that have been handed down for hundreds of years. Man Suang will be released in August 2023.

When asked why they weren’t announcing more projects for this year Pond Krisda answered respectively “This is art not a factory, we can’t just churn out series”. We at the BL Xpress wholeheartedly agree with him. It’s not about the quantity it’s about the quality, that’s why BOC was able to produce the most successful series of 2022. Too often production companies over promise fans with a long lineup and end up disappointing us in the end.

Keep watching this space as we bring you further updates about Boys’ Love dramas from all over the Asian Subcontinent!


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