My School President: Midway Thoughts

With Episode 6 of GMMTV’s High School Music series My School President (แฟนผมเป็นประธานนักเรียน) we’ve reached the halfway point. While from episode-to-episode reviews, you can probably already tell my feelings on this series, but I’m going to reiterate them here anyway – because, well, I love writing about this series.

The Story

Based on the novel My Boyfriend is the President (แฟนผมเป็นประธาน) by Pruesapha (พฤษภา), it’s not exactly earth-shattering, but it doesn’t have to be. Very well-written and incredibly fun, it is precisely what it needs to be, a truly enjoyable television piece.

The Actors

As a performer, Gemini, who stars as school President Tinn, is so incredibly natural in his delivery that every look and word is delivered with such sincerity that you forget you’re watching a scripted television series. He’s also got that coveted touch that can turn anything into comedic gold.

Fourth, who portrays a music-driven Gun is the same. There is such a soft and sweet innocence in his eyes. He’s also a very natural actor. Brimming with joy, he’s got this bright light about him, and you can tell he loves what he’s doing.

Watching the two of Gemini and Fourth play off one another on screen, it is hard to believe that this series is the first either one is playing the leads. Their chemistry is off the charts, and as a ship, they have that spark that you know is going to fan into a flame that (mark my words) will make them two of the biggest names in the industry.

And the supporting cast is just as talented.

Ford Arun, who plays Por, is arguably one of the group’s most talented members – and he’s one hell of a vocalist who has performed on the OST series like The Shipper and 1515: Never Too Late. Mark Pakin is Thiew, Tinn’s best friend (and matchmaker). A relatively new face to GMMTV, he’s also proving to be a formidable actor with supporting roles in GMMTV Hits like Bad Buddy and The Warp Effect (both outstanding series). Pakin will have his first lead role in the upcoming ONLY FRIENDS. I fell in love with Winny Thanawin (who plays Win) in Fish Upon the Sky. Like Gemini, he’s got great comedic timing, and there’s something incredibly charming about him. Satang Kittiphop is Sound, the newest member of Chinzhilla. An exceptionally gifted guitar player, the character is arrogant but is quickly put in his place by Win.

Prom Theepakon as Phat and Captain Passatorn as Yo are also enjoyable to watch – both fun and funny. I do hope they get more screen time as the series continues. I feel the same way about Aun Napat, who plays Khajorn. I loved him in My Gear Your Gown, and I hope he gets more air time.

Lookwa Pijika, who plays Gun’s Mother, Gim, is so incredibly supportive of her son and even encourages him to be a musician. She’s the mother every gay boy who wanted to be a pop princess wished he had growing up (at least I know I did)!

The Music

The OST to this series is one of the best I’ve ever heard, not just in a GMMTV Series but probably in any BL series I’ve seen (and I’ve bought every single one – including the special 2gether boxset). And the score! The underscore to this series is SO GOOD! My only gripe with that entire production is that (at least until this point) every song has only had a digital release, and those that have had physical releases are .mp3 files. Please, please, GMMTV, I am begging you (if you read this). Please release this soundtrack on CD – or at least in an uncompressed digital format. The music is too good for us not to hear it in its full s symphonic glory.

You’ve Got Ma Back (ไหล่เธอ) – Original Song – Full Cast

This article is adapted from Life in Cartoon Motion which aims at providing articles, reviews, and even interviews!

5 thoughts on “My School President: Midway Thoughts”

  1. You’ve convinced me to re-watch Ep 1 and carry on from there. Thanks for embedding the music videos that are most enjoyable to hear and watch. Maybe I’m slipping away from many BL’s because I don’t see cameo appearances from all the actors I loved since 2016. Cheers for your reviews.


  2. Adorable series- nothing much in plot department- but the leads are great and everyone worked hard on the music- it alone is worth tuning in for. Mark is in everything this year and is quite fun to in this series as President best friend.
    And in the last ep they did a group dance that was a blast as well:)


  3. It’s so much fun seeing directors’ nods to what are probably their favorite films they grew up watching. First Jojo paying homage to “Batman” in episode one of “Never Let Me Go” and this week, Au with a Thai boy band salute to the classic scene – complete with boombox – from “Say Anything.” Poor Yo. Unfortunately he didn’t quite get the same result John Cusack did. (If this scene also occurs in the book, แฟนผมเป็นประธาน, I’ll guess that “Say Anything” is one of Pruesapha’s favorites, too.)

    Liked by 1 person

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