“Oxygen” Series Review (Ep.1 to 13)

Talking about a particular style of boys-love show with a sweet and adorable plot, I suppose Oxygen the Series has the correct vibe. I’ll go ahead and begin by providing you with a thorough synopsis of the series’ main themes.

Gui, an orphan who is a fourth-year engineering student, has passion and a desire to work hard in order to support himself. No matter what is happening in his life, he always keeps a positive outlook, never ceases to smile, and always reaches out to help others who need it. Solo, a first-year music student with fame and riches but no happiness, is the opposite. He misses his mother dearly, after her passing. It wasn’t until one rainy night when he mistakenly passes by a coffee shop that he realizes he no longer believes anyone will ever make him happy. Gui is the one who brings Solo a lovely cup of hot milk at that exact moment, and Solo decides to keep coming back.

Will their feelings develop into a need for each other, much like the desire for “Oxygen”? Or will it be the beginning of fresh consequences that gradually smother them?

The fact that this series debuted in September 2020 has interested me. Because of its simplicity, I became aware that sometimes all we need to get through the day is a straightforward plot. This is just another ordinary first-year college relationship. There are so many romantic gestures and lines in this series. Solo’s (Nut) personality is what I typically observe in a bromance or BL series: a handsome college boy who is really introverted and communicates very little, and Gui (Petch) is, of course, the complete opposite. Gui is a straightforward, endearing college student who strives hard to maintain his education and realize his aspirations. This exchange reminds me of a classic “Korean Drama” plot. I’m glad they made people aware that scenarios like this may occur to anyone, regardless of gender, and don’t just occur in standard heterosexual television shows and films.

Fresh actors for a fresh series. I have to admit that Solo and Gui’s story is very remarkable. You can observe how they struggle for their love and how each circumstance counts in this series. There is a particularly romantic scene where Solo and Gui spend a cozy night outside watching the stars while they camp away from the city. When they share a passionate kiss, they are honestly expressing their feelings. Even though it seems clichéd, this kind of scene will live rent-free in my head forever. Each episode is very endearing to watch.

Along with these adorable main characters, there are other secondary characters whose love stories are equally captivating. Strong-willed Phu (Phu) consistently denies Kao’s (Boss) presence. Numerous times when Kao gets into problems because he is after Phu, it turns out that Phu is also looking after Kao. Initially, I believe he is quite irritated with Kao, but later on, he seems to be interested in learning why Kao chooses to stick with him constantly. They both ponder on their true feelings a great deal. Kao is highly keen to make Phu his partner after realizing that he has feelings for him. To obtain the love they deserve, both lovers have to go through many difficulties.

Along the road, there are a lot of intense episodes, so I must also warn you all that it is not all sweetness and bliss. Everyone who watches the story has a huge shift in perspective because each character has a unique story to share.

One of the series’ high points is the scene in which Solo’s father interferes with their love story. After learning that his father doesn’t approve of his relationship with Gui, Solo experiences numerous breakdowns. Conditions are put in place to preserve their relationship, but they are difficult for Solo because it causes him a lot of pain and also upsets Gui. Fortunately, they eventually overcome this major obstacle.

Additionally, there are a number of topics worth mentioning, particularly when it comes to love. As for the series’ cinematography, it’s full of feelings, and what I like about it is how the tempo and timing are right for eliciting just the right amount of emotion from the audiences. There are also some amazing landscapes, especially in Gui’s hometown. And let’s not forget the Official Soundtrack! You are free to play it as often as you like! The music is quite catchy!

Returning to the article’s main point, the title provides an indication as to how crucial oxygen is, whether in its literal or symbolic usage. Given how much of this series is about battling for love, I think it’s worth watching it. And if you haven’t yet, do so! I’ve never seen time go by so fast.

Rating – 4 out of 5

Edited by- Gingerjiejie


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