“The Shipper” Series Review (Ep.1 to 12)

“Are you willing to be loved by someone who thought of you as another person?”

I have always liked a specially crafted series that contain a lot of twists and positive life lessons. With a variety of perspectives on relationships and acceptance, the Boys Love genre has advanced more than before. Let me share with you one of my best low-key series today: The Shipper (2020). It has a terrific plot, and it is one of my all-time favorite low-key series.

I became interested in this series because it features two fujoshi girls named Pan (Prigkhing) and Soda (Piploy), who enjoy pairing up two best friends at school. They produce BL content that gives the impression that these two male students are in a relationship. The two girls are annoyed that Way (Fluke Pusit) already has a girlfriend named PhingPhing. After nearly getting Pan kicked out of school one day, Kim (First Kanaphan) encounters Pan and offers to accompany her home. However, both of them end up having their souls harvested by the god of Death as a result of the mishap. Death sends their spirits back into their bodies after learning that their time isn’t over yet. When Pan awakens from her coma, she discovers that Kim’s spirit is in her body, and vice versa. Although the god of Death vowed to correct that mistake, Pan must remain inside Kim’s body for the time being. Being Kim, however, is by no means simple; in fact, even being close to Way is awkward. Additionally, Pan learns some of Kim’s secrets, which makes things much more difficult. She chooses to take advantage of this opportunity to set sail on her ship, nevertheless.

When you watch the full series, you can see how each character expresses a range of emotions. You should watch every episode since there are hints scattered throughout each one that helps you link the various plot points. If you’re wondering if Soda was aware of what happened to Pan and Kim, the answer is YES! She is always by Kim’s side because she is aware of how much her best friend needs her, and because she knows everything. When Kim’s brother Khet (Ohm Pawat), who is in love with Pan, enters the picture, the conflict becomes even more heated. It makes the situation very uncomfortable to know that they cross paths frequently while Pan’s soul is inside his brother’s body. Through these exchanges, Pan gradually develops feelings for Khet, but she is unable to freely express them because of that. The series also features many funny moments. It begins lightheartedly but develops into something deeper and more serious as it goes on. Each episode has a title that describes the scenes in that episode. I must say, if you enjoy watching series that make you cry, you should watch this! I’m not sure, but this is among the most painful series I’ve seen so far, at least up to this point. Let me spoil it for you a bit.

The ending has a big twist!

This is more than merely a simple “soul-switching” concept, contrary to what I initially believed. Several things happened when Pan and Kim traded bodies. Before I forget, Pan was just lying still when their bodies shifted, and Kim was the only one to wake up. After switching bodies, Pan’s primary goal was to determine whether Way harbors feelings for Kim. As she reached her conclusions, a number of incidents occurred.

When it comes to cinematography, I adore close-ups, especially when a character is in excruciating suffering. The fact that the scenes were evenly shared among the key characters provided everyone with plenty of screen time. I also appreciated how well the OSTs matched the characters’ emotions. Additionally, the pacing was superb! As for the main leads, I wonder why on earth there is a lot of pain in Ohm Pawat’s scenes. It’s as though he was selected because he can clearly play the part well. I was genuinely interested in every interaction the characters had since they did a good job of depicting their personalities.

The entire journey is about finding true love and learning how to be a good fan. The series effectively provides a number of what-if scenarios. There are also many life lessons. To everyone who happens to read this article, I highly recommend this series. Try it! Then share your thoughts with me.

Rating – 5 out of 5

Edited by- Gingerjiejie


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