Exclusive Interview with “Hot Bamee and Yummy Gyoyung” Author Jamie

We were blessed with the opportunity to interview author Jamie, whose popular novel “My Secret Love The Series” was recently adapted into a televised version. This is our second time interviewing the famous author and having a conversation with the immensely talented novelist is always a pleasure. Join us as we strike a conversation with Jamie and dig deeper into the information pertaining her works and upcoming book releases!

1) Congratulations on the fantastic reception of your book adaptation “My Secret Love The Series”. Were you expecting this kind of response from the audiences?

Since the series wasn’t at all like a novel, and many of my novel readers weren’t impressed with it despite the fact that some of the principles were similar, I wasn’t expecting much, to be honest. But I’m happy that the audience enjoyed it and that the series was a success and had a great conclusion.

2) Were actors Earth Teerapat and Fluk Chatchawan able to recreate the characters in the same way as you had conceptualized them?

The novel and the series are not the same, as I’ve previously stated. The characters I had developed weren’t exactly like the two actors. However, Earth shares a lot of similarities, particularly when it comes to cooking skills, closeness to sister, and appearance. But Fluke bears no resemblance whatsoever to the character I created.


3) There is a lot of excitement about your upcoming adaptation, “Hot Bamee and Yummy Gyoyung”. Can you talk to us about the storyline of this book? What kind of hot scenes can the audience expect in this drama?

The protagonist of the book is an intern who develops feelings for his trainer and makes every effort to gain his affection. The book’s first versions were just comedic and erotic. However, I am currently revising my book because I want to include additional information and express my support for the LGBTQIA+ community, which will also be depicted in the series. Oh, certainly, the series will undoubtedly include some sexy scenes. You’ll have to watch the series to find out what kind of hot scenes there will be; I really can’t tell you now.

4) Boat Yongyut and Nutt Witsarut will be portraying the main characters in “Hot Bamee and Yummy Gyoyung”. Were you involved in the casting process? Do they resemble Bamee & Gyoyung?

I was 100% involved in the casting process and was the one who selected both of them and all other actors. They unquestionably resemble Bamee and Gyogung’s personalities and appearances!

5) Apart from Boat & Nutt, this show has an ensemble cast. We heard whispers about possible GL & BL pairings. Share the good news!

There will undoubtedly be a GL couple, I can assure you of that. As I previously mentioned, I want to show my support for the LGBTQIA+ community, so my series is not only a BL series but also a series with all the different genders.

6) You have been closely involved in the production stage of this show. How did you come into contact with the respective production house and proceed with the negotiations?

Some of the team comes from my previous series. Since we’ve been working together for two years, we have experienced a lot together and are familiar with all the challenges. And most importantly, they respect my opinion, the novel, and all of my readers. We have therefore agreed that I shall be completely involved in the creation of Hot Bamee and Yummy Gyogung the series.

7) Your favorite translator, Roni Roniroykam, is also a part of the cast. How thrilled are you with this development?

Since I chose her for the part, my excitement was actually caused by the producers’ approval rather than the fact that she would be playing one of the characters. LOL

8) There seems to be a huge divide between European and Asian nations when it comes to the marriage equality rights. Keeping that in mind, what is your opinion about Thailand’s same-sex civil partnership law?

The Thai people are working really hard to pass a law requiring marital equality. Since the beginning of the campaign, I have been a supporter of equal marriage. We’ll keep trying even though it hasn’t yet been successful.

9) You are quite active in your social media accounts? How much do you enjoy interacting with your readers as well as the fans of your book adaptations?

While I currently have a very hectic schedule, I still enjoy interacting with my readers and series fans. I dislike leaving them unattended. Everyone would be pleased to hear back from the person they are supporting, right? I cherish them and want to do everything I can to return the favour.

10) Are any other of your novels in the process of being adapted into TV series? If yes, please share more details about them?

As a matter of fact, a major production company has requested a work that I can’t give them permission to adapt to a TV series. I gave them my other book instead as a result. I can’t say much because the production company is currently considering its options. What I can share, however, is that I’m collaborating with director Lit Samajarn and Aroka (GL novel writer) on a GL film, “One of a kind”, and if all goes according to plan, we hope to begin production in 2023.

11) What are you working on right now? Talk to us about your future BL novels?

While I’m writing my fantasy book, Makoto To Seiryu No Monogatari (The story of Makoto and Seiryu), I also have to concentrate on rewriting Hot Bamee and Yummy Gyogung and creating the novel “One of a Kind”, a GL film I collaborate on with Lit and Aroka. In 2023, I must also finish a couple more novels because the publishers are waiting for me. So, in the coming year, my readers can expect reading more of my novels. But I am unable to finish it quickly due to my health issues. I apologise to all of my readers for the delay, but I will try my best.

The BL Xpress would like to thank Jamie Author for taking the time from her busy schedule to answer our questions!

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