“The New Employee” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

Nothing says, “Let’s give you fun gay energy,” like a club named the Rainbow Rice Cake Club.

And that’s precisely what the Korean BL The New Employee starring Moon Ji Yong as loveable virgin intern Seung Hyun and Kwon Hyuk as the tsundere boss attracted to him gives us. Fun gay energy with refreshingly full episodes despite its 20-minute time frame.

Outside of the cutthroat marketing industry it takes place in, there’s nothing especially profound about The New Employee, but it feels profound. And that in itself is magic.

A solid romantic comedy has layers, a story that feels deeper than it is with characters an audience can feel good about, relationships that strengthen the story, and strong acting to pull it all together.

The New Employee delivers on all that. Its first two episodes are full of depth and chemistry in a way I haven’t seen in the recent Korean BL workplace romances.

From Seung Hyun’s endearing relationship with his best friend, Ji Yeon, to his past college crush to the no-nonsense interest his boss, Jong Chan, takes in him, The New Employee offers a full scale of relationships and situations that delightfully move it forward. Add in Seung Hyun’s work colleagues’ attempt to abuse his friendly, overcompensating personality, and there’s no lag in the story. The pacing is brilliantly done.

Seung Hyun and Jong Chan’s chemistry is believably tense and protectively touching. Through their eyes, viewers can see each character in an alternating POV that allows them both to shine.

From the first two episodes, I do not doubt that The New Employee will quickly become a favorite Korean BL for many.

Adapted from the web novel of the same name by Moscareto, The New Employee is a well-paced workplace drama that promises interesting relationships and indefinable chemistry. Check it out now on Viki.

Rating- 4 out of 5

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