“Never Let Me Go” First Impressions (Ep. 1 to 3)

This GMMTV answer to KinnPorsche hasn’t gripped me in the way that I thought it would. It’s alright; I don’t dislike it. It just hasn’t given me that “wow” feeling like I have with other GMMTV series like My School President and The Warp Effect, but again, I don’t dislike it.

Phuwin and Pond became my favorites since Fish Upon the Sky, and I love seeing them in different roles. Pi, Phuwin’s role in FUTS was lovely, but he was also kind of an obnoxious brat. Mork Pond’s role was again enjoyable but love-sick, and he tried too hard. The characters in this series are entirely different. Nuengdiao (Phuwin) may have grown up spoiled, but he is kind and caring. Palm (Pond) has a hard exterior, but deep down, he’s soft and loving – but he’s also a badass.

Nuengdiao is the heir to a very wealthy family. His status has forced him to grow up in a perfectly pristine world of isolation. But he was happy. Then, in a very Batman-inspired moment, his father is shot to death right in front of him. The event forces him to grow up much faster than he should have, and to top it off, his and his mother’s lives are in danger – from the people who are closest to them. Palm, the son of the family’s loyal driver, is appointed to protect Nuengdiao from the hazards in and outside school. But, even though he needs a bodyguard, what Nuengdiao desires most, is a friend, which Palm becomes. It’s a simple story – even one we’ve seen before – which could be why I haven’t given it a fair chance. However, the writing is good, and the acting is even better. Nat Sakdatorn (who is one of my most favorite actors on the planet) is a delicious villain, while Chimon Wachirawit and Perth Tanapon are shaping up to be an excellent side couple.


Even though this isn’t one of my most glowing reviews, I will continue to watch this series because, honestly, the cast (again) is incredible, and if I’m being honest, GMMTV will always have my heart, because they’re the ones who introduced me to the BL Genre. Never Let Me Go streams new episodes every Tuesday.

Rating- 3.5 out of 5

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