“The Warp Effect” First Impressions (Ep.1 to 3)

The Warp Effect is a GMMTV sex comedy that is pushing boundaries in directions the company (at least from what I’ve seen) hasn’t been to before. Fluid sexualities, kinks, and a blatant and unapologetic approach to responsible sex. Honestly, I’m here for it. New Thitipoom (Dark Blue Kiss, SOTUS) stars as Alex, a seventeen-year-old high school student who made a promise to his mother (before she passed away) that he would wait until he was 18 (and had found the right girl) to have sex. But he broke that promise (and lost the ring that came with it) while he was drunk out of his mind at a party hosted by his friend Jedi (Mark Pakin, My School President).

Fah Yongwaree (P.S. I Hate You, F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers) who plays Alex’s love interest, is the girl he was going to lose his virginity to – once he found a condom. But, while he was drunk, he stumbled upon his arch nemesis Army (Fluke Pusit, Enchanté) who shoved him into the trunk of a car and took his picture with a mysterious polaroid that showed up at his home as a birthday present. The next thing Alex knows he’s ten years older and in the middle of performing a gynecological exam. Now he has to reconnect with his best friends Sew-Ew (Sing Harit, Not Me) who just wants to be a good and submissive puppy, and Nim (Jan Ployshompoo, Cupid’s Last Wish) who’s dealing with infertility issues with her girlfriend. There’s only one problem, those friends have come to hate him for something he did within the last ten years.

The only way for Alex to return to his true timeline and fix whatever mistake’s have brought him to this point is to put the pieces of this strange and surreal puzzle together. Before it’s too late. While watching the series, one of the first things I noticed was that the entire soundtrack (at least so far) has been in English. Every single song – including the series’ theme “Sweet but Naughty” performed by Fluke Caskey. While they’re all incredibly catchy and perfectly placed, it was a bit of a surprise.

Written like a college sex comedy (Think: The Rules of Attraction) it’s very funny, but also sweet. The acting is spot on. New is one of the best actors at GMMTV. He’s charming and charismatic and can easily straddle the innocently sweet and insanely sexy line with ease. He’s also got one of the most beautiful bodies at GMMTV and I am thankful that The Warp Effect has given us multiple opportunities to see him without his shirt on. But New isn’t the only talented cast member. Ever since seeing her in Fish Upon the Sky Jan has become one of my favorite actresses with the company. She can jump emotions from angry to happy, sad to overly-dramatic – she’s just incredible.

I am happy that GMMTV is exploring sexuality as something fluid and showing different sides to that sexuality. I love that Sew-Ew is a heterosexual sub who likes leather and pup masks. I also love the fact that trans women have been featured in these series and are treated just like any other character. It’s not taboo, they’re not looked at strangely. They’re a part of the group. As a company, GMMTV is King of the BL Genre and I am glad that they’re telling the stories they’re telling.

Rating- 4 out of 5

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